What’s filming in Georgia in September, 2023?

WE-TV is currently shooting “Mama June” season 6.

Credit: RODNEY HO/rho@ajc.com

Credit: RODNEY HO/rho@ajc.com

WE-TV is currently shooting “Mama June” season 6.

The writers strike, which is approaching five months long, looks like it might finally be over soon as the producers and the Writers Guild of America are deep into negotiations and trade publications are saying a deal is close at hand.

The actors, represented by SAG-AFTRA, joined the writers on the picket lines on July 13, but if WGA signs a deal, the actors will likely follow suit soon after.

It’s not a moment too soon since these two strikes have basically turned Georgia into a ghost town in terms of production in recent months.

Currently, there are just two independent films in production that have been cleared by SAG-AFTRA and 11 unscripted shows.

Reality shows such as “Mama June” on WE-TV and “Married to Real Estate” on HGTV with Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson continue to shoot, but it’s slim pickings otherwise.

Although syndicated judge show “Cutlers Court” is listed as active, I visited the set a couple of weeks ago when the show was wrapping so it may just not be updated. I’m also confused by the fact that it’s under two titles. I’ve reached out to the publicist for the show but have not heard back.

If the strikes end by early October, it will take a few weeks before productions start going again. This list by November and December should look far fuller. The state before the work slowdown this spring in anticipation of the writers strike has typically handled 40 to 50 qualified TV and film productions at a time.

The film office provides an ever-changing list of active productions, but it is not necessarily complete or up to date because production companies are not obligated to inform the office. If a company requests the production stay off the list or use a pseudonym, the film office will oblige. I also glean titles from productionlist.com and other sources. (Georgia does provide an alphabetical directory of every production it has ever kept track of here.)


Nothing! It was that kind of month.


“What the Bleep Is That?” Fox/TMZ unscripted show

Active productions as of Sept. 21, 2023 in Georgia.

Credit: Georgia Film

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Credit: Georgia Film