What’s filming in Georgia in March, 2021?

Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Luke Wilson are in Georgia to shoot movies
Films featuring Luke Wilson, Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson recently began filming in Georgia. CR: Showtime/AP

Credit: Showtime/

Credit: Showtime/

Films featuring Luke Wilson, Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson recently began filming in Georgia. CR: Showtime/AP

Some big-name stars have begun shooting in the state of Georgia this past month, as production continues to hit new peaks in the state. Among the A-listers floating around are Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis and Luke Wilson.

With the vaccine rollout continuing and COVID protocols still in place on sets, production companies are jockeying for coveted studio space in the state as delayed projects battle with already planned TV shows and films. Production companies are signing long-term contracts with studios to lock down space. The influx of new streaming services are generating more demand for content even as traditional broadcast and cable networks wane.

Most of the productions are listed on an active site the Georgia film office, but the list changes frequently, and the film office does not provide any historical record. So since June 2019, I have been keeping a monthly tab on productions so folks can see what has come and gone in the state over time.

The list now has 55 productions, the most ever. It is not necessarily a complete list. Also, one show on that list “T.I. and Tiny” on VH1 was suspended a few weeks ago after allegations of kidnapping, drugging and sexual assault came out.

Producers provide the information to the film office voluntarily and as a courtesy. Sometimes, the film office will accede to a request by a producer not to list the series on the site to keep fans at bay. (Netflix is shooting “Stranger Things” and “Ozark” now. Neither is on the list for that reason.)

Also, some shows are given false names as another way to provide some level of privacy. Disney+ and Marvel’s penchant for secrecy has led them to create alternative names for some shows and films. For instance, “Serenity Now” listed below is actually the latest “Spider-Man” film. “Anchor Point” is the upcoming Disney+ series “Hawkeye.”

Known productions not listed by the film office

“Ozark,” Season 5, Netflix

“Stranger Things,” Season 4, Netflix

New productions since Feb. 17

“A Dangerous Thing,” indie film

Agent Game” indie film, spy thriller starring Delmot Mulroney, Katherine McNamara, Rhys Coiro, Annie Illonzeh and Mel Gibson

“Gasoline Alley, murder-mystery film starring Bruce Willis and Luke Wilson shooting in Tifton

“Here Kills the Bride,” indie feature film

“Lego Master,” Season 2, Fox

“My Best Friend’s Exorcism,” Amazon film

“Sell This House,” Season 11, A&E (reality show show ran 2003-2011 on A&E, revived on fyi in 2020)

“She Hulk,” Disney+ featuring Tatiana Maslany

“Social Society,” ALLBLK streaming sketch comedy show

“The In Between,” supernatural romantic film

“The Wonder Years,” TV pilot for ABC (a reboot of the original TV series set in the 1960s but focused this time on a Black middle-class family in Montgomery, Alabama)

“Uncensored,” season 4, TV One docuseries

Productions that wrapped since Feb. 17

“One Way,” thriller starring Kevin Bacon and Colson Baker

“First Wives Club,” Season 2, BET+

“Karen,” indie thriller film starring Taryn Manning

“Ms. Pat,” comedy on BET+

“The Getaway,” reality show, Discovery

“T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle,” reality show, VH1 (although this is till on the list below, it was placed on hold after controversy regarding allegations against T.I. and Tiny)


Credit: Georgia Film Office

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Credit: Georgia Film Office

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