What’s filming in Georgia in September 2022?

Anne Hathaway will be in a new Amazon film "The Idea of You" shooting in Georgia. Don Cheadle will be in a new Disney+ series "Armor Wars." AP/ JC Olivera/Sipa USA/TNS

Credit: AP/ JC Olivera/Sipa USA/TNS

Credit: AP/ JC Olivera/Sipa USA/TNS

Anne Hathaway will be in a new Amazon film "The Idea of You" shooting in Georgia. Don Cheadle will be in a new Disney+ series "Armor Wars." AP/ JC Olivera/Sipa USA/TNS

The latest Disney+ series to be shot at Trilith Studios in Fayetteville is “Armor Wars” which is in pre-production and set to start Oct. 4.

In the series, Tony Stark of “Iron Man” fame discovers that someone has been stealing his technology and selling it to supervillains. Don Cheadle has confirmed he will be in the series, returning as lieutenant colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes.

This series will take over for “Echo,” another Disney+ series which just wrapped at Trilith.

Anne Hathaway will be in Georgia for Amazon film “The Idea of You” as a 40-year-old divorcée who falls for a hot rock star at a music festival.

ABC’s “The Wonder Years” is coming back for a second season while CBS is rebooting the film “True Lies” for a TV series.

Other actors in town right now include Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron shooting Netflix’s “The Family Affair,” Jeff Bridges and Diane Lane in Netflix’s “A Man in Full” and Lil Rel Howery and Ludacris in Disney+’s film “Dashing Through the Snow.”

Overall, TV and film activity seems normal in Georgia, with at least 49 productions in the pre-production or active production. A year ago, the number was 45.

The Georgia film office provides a live, ever-changing list of active productions, but it is not necessarily complete because production companies voluntarily inform the Georgia film office of what is happening. They are not obligated to do so. And if a company requests the production stay off the list or use a pseudonym, the film office will oblige. I also glean some titles from productionlist.com and other sources. (Georgia does provide an alphabetical directory of every production it has ever kept track of here.)

Some productions listed by the film office are not using their actual names. “Perfect Imprints” is actually the new Disney “Blade” movie. Netflix’s film “Electric State” is using the fake name “Stormwind.” (That latter film stars Millie Bobby Brown and has also cast Stanley Tucci, Michele Yeoh and Jason Alexander.)

What started between Aug. 15 and Sept. 15

“1,000 LB Best Friends,” TLC

“Armor Wars” Disney+ series. Based on the classic Marvel comic series, Don Cheadle plays James Rhodes aka War Machine who must face what happens when Tony Stark’s tech falls into the wrong hands.

“Eleven,” Apple TV+ feature film (Unclear what this is or whether this is a real title)

“Freedom Hair,” indie film. When a determined mother decides to start a natural hair braiding business to achieve financial independence, she must overcome unexpected obstacles imposed by a powerful cosmetology cartel and the state of Mississippi.

“Found,” NBC pilot. More than 600,000 people are reported missing in the U.S. yearly. More than half that number are people of color. A public relations specialist — who once was one of the missing — and her crisis-management team now make sure there is always someone looking out for the forgotten missing people.

“Girls Night In,” VH1 reality show

“Kept Woman Killer,” TV movie

“Kirk Franklin: The Night Before Christmas,” Lifetime movie

“Love and Hip Hop Holiday,” VH1

“Miller’s Girl,” Lionsgate movie. A young protegé becomes involved with her high school creative writing teacher.

“Noah’s Arc,” Paramount movie

“Perfect Christmas Pairing,” indie film

“Single Drunk Female,” season 3, Freeform

“The Idea of You” Productionlist.com confirms that Anne Hathaway is still the lead in this movie for Amazon. Sophie, 40-year-old divorced mother, braves the heat to go with her daughter to Coachella, after her dad cancels his trip with his 15-year-old. There, she meets the lead singer of a band.

“The Secret Life of Amy Bensen,” season 1, PassionFlix

“The Wonder Years,” season 2, ABC

“True Lies,” season 1, CBS

“Welcome to Plathville,” season 5, TLC

“We Made It In America,” TV movie

What wrapped between August 15 and September 15

“Echo,” (AKA “Grasshopper), Disney+ Marvel series

“18,” indie film

“A Christmas Prayer,” TV movie TV One

“Dish Nation,” season 10, Fox syndicated show

“Hack My Home,” season one, Netflix

“Hands Off My Father,” indie film

‘Happiness Playbook,” TV movie

“Holiday Road,” Skydance film

“Houston” season 1, Apple TV+ (unclear what this actually is)

“The Queen’s Court,” Peacock reality show

“What’s Cooking ATL,” TV One reality show


Credit: Georgia Film Offic

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Credit: Georgia Film Offic


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