What’s filming in Georgia in May 2023?

Julie Bowen is in a new Peacock series "Hysteria," Samuel L. Jackson is shooting the Netflix film "The Piano Lesson" and Toni Collette is in the new film "Juror #." NETFLIX/AP



Julie Bowen is in a new Peacock series "Hysteria," Samuel L. Jackson is shooting the Netflix film "The Piano Lesson" and Toni Collette is in the new film "Juror #." NETFLIX/AP

The two-week old writers strike has not greatly impacted film and TV production in Atlanta just yet.

There are 32 productions listed on the Georgia film office site, down from 36 a month ago but not far off the mark from what was happening a year ago.

One major production that was supposed to have started by now ― Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” ― has delayed the start of its sixth and final season until the writers strike ends. Unfortunately, it appears the earliest the strike may end is July. And if the producers can’t come to a deal with the directors and/or the actors in the next few weeks, any unionized TV shows and films will shut down.

The most notable productions that started this past month feature some big names. Clint Eastwood is back in town to direct another film, this one called “Jury #2″ starring Toni Collette and Eastwood himself. Peacock’s new series “Hysteria” features Julie Bowen and Bruce Campbell and revolves around the Satanic panic of the 1980s. And Samuel L. Jackson is in town to shoot Netflix’s film adaptation of the Broadway play “The Piano Lesson.”

Several major TV shows and films wrapped as well, including that well-publicized Netflix action comedy film “Back in Action” starring Jamie Foxx (recuperating from an unspecified medical condition) and Cameron Diaz, the Farrelly Brothers comedy film starring Jack Black “Dear Santa” and Amazon film “Grand Death Lotto” with John Cena, Awkwafina and Simu Liu.

The Georgia film office provides an ever-changing list of active productions, but it is not necessarily complete because production companies are not obligated to update the Georgia film office. If a company requests the production stay off the list or use a pseudonym, the film office will oblige. I also glean some titles from productionlist.com and other sources. (Georgia does provide an alphabetical directory of every production it has ever kept track of here.)

Some productions listed by the film office are not using their actual name. What is listed as “My Pretty” is actually “Agatha: Coven of Chaos,” the spinoff of “WandaVision” on Disney+ featuring Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness. “Conrad” is “Bad Boys 4,” which is a bit of an inside joke since a character in the first three films is named Conrad Howard.

What started between April 15 and May 15

“He Had Seven Wives,” TV movie

“Hidden History,” reality series

“Hoarders,” A&E reality series

“Hysteria,” Peacock starring Julie Bowen and Anna Camp

“Instacult,” TV movie

“Juror #2,” Warner Bros. movie starring Joey Deutsch with Clint Eastwood as director

“Relieve: Art & Recovery Behind the Curtain,” Atlanta Ballet

“Terror Lake Drive,” season 3, ALLBLK

“The Atlanta Opera Showcase,” Atlanta Opera

“The Bunny Man,” indie film

“The Piano Lesson,” Netflix starring Samuel L. Jackson

“Trap House,” indie film

“Wicked City,” season 2, ALLBLK

What wrapped between April 15 and May 15

“A La Carte Prods,” season 2, ALLBLK

“Back in Action,” Netflix film starring Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz

“Behind the Curtain,” TV series

“Collateral Data,” indie film

“Dear Santa,” film starring Jack Black

“Goat,” TV reality series hosted by Daniel Tosh

“Grand Death Lotto,” Amazon film starring John Cena, Awkwafina

“Johnson,” season 3, Bounce TV

“Kingdom Business,” season 2, BET+

“Peep Show,” TV pilot, FX

“Places Please,” feature indie film

“Real Murders of Atlanta” season 2, reality TV, Oxygen, Peacock

“Ruined,” TV movie, BET

“Run for the Money,” TV movie

“Soon Came,” TV series

“The Big Door Prize,” season 2, Apple TV+

“The House Across the Road,” TV movie

‘Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan,” TV series, Nickelodeon, season 4

The active film and TV listings via the Georgia Film Office on May 15, 2023.

Credit: Georgia Film office

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Credit: Georgia Film office