What’s filming in Georgia in January 2021?

“Cobra Kai’ is back for season 4.
Ralph Macchio and William Zapka are back in Atlanta for season 4 of "Cobra Kai" on Netflix. TINA ROWDEN/NETFLIX © 2020



Ralph Macchio and William Zapka are back in Atlanta for season 4 of "Cobra Kai" on Netflix. TINA ROWDEN/NETFLIX © 2020

The production schedule is as packed as it has ever been in Georgia with at least 49 films and TV shows happening in the state, the most since The Atlanta Journal-Constitution began tracking in June 2019.

Studios are full despite Georgia is facing its worst COVID-19 case numbers since the beginning of the pandemic. All productions are under COVID-style protocols, which largely means fewer crew members, longer production schedules and people isolated from each other. At the same time, demand for new content remains intensely strong and the four-month shutdown last year has caused a major backlog.

Georgia is currently host to some big-budget blockbusters such as DC film “Black Adam” and Marvel’s “Spider-Man 3.” Two former YouTube Premium shows that have found new homes are up and running: “Cobra Kai” season 4 now on Netflix and “Step Up” season 3, picked up by Starz. Twitch continues to pump out new content.

Netflix asked the Georgia film office not to include two of its most popular shows on the list, though they are in production: season four of “Stranger Things” and the final season of “Ozark.” Production companies are not required to tell the film office whether they are active, so this list may not be complete.

The film office keeps an active list on its website, but there is no historical data on the site, so since June 2019, I’ve been keeping a monthly tally of which programs are coming and going so there is an accessible record for everyone to see.

Active shows not on the list

“Stranger Things” Netflix

“Ozark” Netflix

Two shows added to the official list that were already in production on Dec. 2

“Raising Dion” Netflix

“Johnson” BET

Shows that have been added since Dec. 2

“Cobra Kai,” season 4, Netflix

“Create the Escape,” reality show, NBC/Peacock

“Black Adam,” DC film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

“Devotion,” indie film shot in Savannah

“Homegrown,” season 1, reality show, Magnolia (replacing DIY Network)

“Black Mafia Family,” dramatic series, Starz

“The Family Chantel,” season 3, reality show, TLC

“Rock the Block,” season 2, reality show, HGTV

“Ms. Pat,” new sitcom, BET

“First Wives Club,” season one, drama, BET+ (moved from New York)

“Doom Patrol,” season 3, HBO Max

“7 Little Johnstons,” season 6, TLC

“Next Chance Girl Group,” new reality show, BET

“FCF The Game Show,” Twitch

“Monday Morning” Twitch

First Ladies,” Showtime anthology. Viola Davis cast as Michelle Obama

“Step Up” season 3, Starz (previously YouTube Premium)

“The Neon Highway,” indie film

“Young Roc,” TV series about the Rock’s younger days, NBC

Shows wrapped since Dec. 2

“Life by the Ton” reality show, TLC

“AKA Dark Side” documentary

“AMA (Ask Me Anything)” Twitch

“Loki” (under the AKA name “Architect”), dramatic series, Disney+

“Beyond the Pole” reality show, WE-TV

“Building the FCF” season 1 Twitch

“Instant Family” film

“Fan Reax” Twitch

“Life by the Ton” TLC

“Tyler Perry’s All the Queen’s Men” BET+


“Serenity Now” listed below is actually “Spider-Man 3.” And “Anchor Point” is “Hawkeye.”


Credit: Georgia film office

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Credit: Georgia film office

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