What’s filming in Georgia in April 2023?

Filming in Georgia now: Cameron Diaz in Netflix's "Back in Action," George Wallace in Freevee's "Clean Slate" and Minnie Driver in an FX pilot "Peep Show." AP/AMAZON

Credit: AP/AMAO

Credit: AP/AMAO

Filming in Georgia now: Cameron Diaz in Netflix's "Back in Action," George Wallace in Freevee's "Clean Slate" and Minnie Driver in an FX pilot "Peep Show." AP/AMAZON

Business remains solid into the spring though a looming writers strike could shut down a lot of production.

It would be the first strike in 15 years. The Writers Guild of America is seeking better pay for TV writers. While there are more scripted shows than ever, seasons on streaming services are shorter and production times are often stretched out far longer, making it harder for writers to make a full living. The last strike lasted 100 days in 2007, back when issues of downloads were key.

But for now, it’s business as usual with about 36 active productions listed on the Georgia film office website.

“Back in Action,” a Netlfix comedy starring Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz, started up recently though Foxx landed in a hospital this week for an unspecified medical condition.

FX is shooting a new comedy pilot called “Peep Show” starring “Speechless” star Minnie Driver and Amanda Jahava. Stefani Robinson, a producer for FX’s “Atlanta,” is an executive producer. (It’s a pilot so the shoot will only go from April 24 to 28.)

And in Savannah, a new Freevee comedy starring Atlanta’s George Wallace and Laverne Cox (”Orange is the New Black”) has begun production called “Clean Slate.” Wallace plays an old-school and outspoken car wash owner, who is thrilled his estranged child is finally returning home to Alabama after 17 years but discovers his son returns as the determined, proud, trans woman Desiree (Cox).

And over at Trilith Studios, Marvel is shooting “Captain America: New World Order,” the fourth “Captain America” film. It features Anthony Mackie as Captain America as well as Harrison Ford, Liv Tyler and Tim Blake Nelson.

ABC’s “Will Trent” wrapped as the show awaits word on a second season.

The Georgia film office provides an ever-changing list of active productions, but it is not necessarily complete because production companies are not obligated to update the Georgia film office. For instance, Bravo recently spent months shooting “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 15 but it only briefly showed up on the list. If a company requests the production stay off the list or use a pseudonym, the film office will oblige. I also glean some titles from productionlist.com and other sources. (Georgia does provide an alphabetical directory of every production it has ever kept track of here.)

Some productions listed by the film office are not using their actual name. “My Pretty” is actually “Agatha: Coven of Chaos,” the spinoff of “WandaVision” on Disney+ featuring Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness. “Conrad” is “Bad Boys 4,” which would be a bit of an inside joke since a character in the first three films is named Conrad Howard.


“A La Cart Prods” season 2, ALLBLK

“Back in Action,” Netflix comedy with Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz

“Clean Slate,” Freevee comedy with George Wallace and Laverne Cox

“First 48,” season 20, AMC

“Goat,” TV reality show

“Johnson,” season 3, Bounce TV

“Mama June,” season 6, WE-TV

“Peep Show,” FX pilot with Minnie Driver

“Places Please,” indie movie

“Real Murders of Atlanta,” season 2, Oxygen

“Captain America: New World Order,” Marvel movie

“Ruined,” TV movie, BET

“The House Across the Road,” TV movie

“The Impact,” TV reality show< BET+

“The Ms. Pat Show,’ sitcom, season 4, BET+

“Toya & Reginae,” reality show (no network identified but probably WE-TV)

“Trap House,” indie TV movie

“Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan,” season 4, Nickelodeon


“Country Club Scandal,” TV movie

“Fear the Walking Dead,” season 8, AMC

“Found,” season 1, NBC

“Judgement,” TV pilot ABC

“Lil Jon Wants To Do What?” season 2, HGTV

“Megalopolis,” Francis Ford Coppola film with Adam Driver

“The Perfect In-Laws,” TV movie

“The Pocketwatch,” Disney movie

“Will Trent,” ABC series

“You Decide,” feature film, indie



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