How to contact the AJC Editorial Board

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's newsroom.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's newsroom.

The AJC Editorial Board includes Leroy Chapman Jr., editor in chief; Mark A. Waligore, managing editor; and Jamie Riley, opinion editor. For matters relating to the opinion pages, contact Jamie Riley at You can submit a guest essay or first-person piece by emailing us at

For matters relating to other sections and pages, choose from the newsroom contacts on this page.

How to send a letter to the editor

How to submit a letter for possible publication in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper: Letters to the editor must be no longer than 150 words and must include a daytime telephone number for verification. Use the link below or send an email to or call 404-526-7003. You can also fax letters to 404-526-5746.

Letters will be edited for length and clarity and may appear in both print and digital formats. Emailed submissions are strongly preferred.

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