How to contact the AJC Editorial Board

The AJC Editorial Board includes Andrew Morse, president and publisher; Leroy Chapman Jr., editor in chief; Mark A. Waligore, managing editor; and Jamie Riley, opinion editor.

The board’s mission is to be a catalyst for discussion and solutions that improve the lives of Georgians. The editorial page of the print edition and is a forum where different viewpoints are represented, including those of the board. The board’s opinions do not shape news coverage, which is compiled by news reporters who work independently, report factually and strive to cover news stories fairly and impartially.

For matters relating to the opinion pages, contact Jamie Riley at You can submit a guest essay or first-person piece by emailing us at

For matters relating to other sections and pages, choose from the newsroom contacts on this page.

How to send a letter to the editor

How to submit a letter for possible publication in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper: Letters to the editor must be no longer than 150 words and must include a daytime telephone number for verification. Use the link below or send an email to or call 404-526-7003. You can also fax letters to 404-526-5746.

Letters will be edited for length and clarity and may appear in both print and digital formats. Emailed submissions are strongly preferred.

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