Latest Atlanta coronavirus news: Georgia’s COVID-19 deaths near 1,600

Confirmed cases in Georgia are at 37,212

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is committed to providing our readers with the most comprehensive coverage of the deadly coronavirus.

This blog will be updated throughout Saturday, May 16, with news and details of COVID-19 in Georgia.

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7 p.m.: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is keeping track of reported coronavirus deaths and cases across Georgia according to the Department of Public Health. There are now 1,598 deaths from COVID-19 and 37,212 confirmed cases in the state.

3 p.m.: Georgia will ship anti-viral drug to hospitals to fight coronavirus. The Georgia Department of Public Health said Saturday it is distributing the first of two allotments of a promising anti-viral drug to eight hospitals across the state to help patients suffering from severe symptoms of COVID-19, the AJC's J. Scott Trubey reports.

1 p.m.: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is keeping track of reported coronavirus deaths and cases across Georgia, as reported by the Department of Public Health. As of midday, Georgia has 1,592 COVID-19 deaths and 37,147 confirmed cases.

12:30 p.m.: Federal relief money falls short of covering hospital losses. So far in Georgia, the federal government has distributed more than $1 billion in early relief funds among nearly 4,900 health care providers. Yamil Berard has that story.

11 a.m.: Former President Barack Obama will deliver two commencement addresses today for graduates not able to have ceremonies due to the pandemic, here's what you need to know about tuning in.

7 a.m.: Helena Oliviero reports on the major coronavirus-related developments over the past week, including

Gov. Brian Kemp extending some coronavirus restrictions and easing others, setting the stage for summer camps to reopen and select state employees to return to offices.

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