Coronavirus in Georgia: COVID-19 Dashboard

Credit: Natrice Miller /

Credit: Natrice Miller /

Latest stats and news on the coronavirus outbreak

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has made changes to this COVID-19 data dashboard reflecting changes in publicly reported data from the Georgia Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Effective May 11, 2023, the U.S. will end its public health emergency for COVID-19. After that date, some data will no longer be tracked and other data may be reported less frequently. But much of the work of carefully tracking and reporting the spread of the virus in real time has already ended or is reported less frequently and shared with the public in fewer places.

The CDC has been moving away from case counts and testing results due to the increasing reliance on home tests that aren’t reported to any agency. The agency will no longer track community levels of COVID and instead focus on hospitalizations and deaths.

Because of the lag in reporting, numbers typically trail the actual spread of infections by more than a week. Death reports in particular can take weeks to arrive.

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Vaccination rates in the U.S. and Georgia

Here, vaccination rates provided by the CDC show the percentage of Georgians and Americans who got one shot of a vaccine, both shots, and a booster. Georgia generally trailed the nation in vaccine rates.