Latest Atlanta coronavirus news: Georgia’s COVID-19 cases near 33K

There are now 1,404 deaths from COVID-19 and 32,969 confirmed cases

Nurse Shares 8 Things She Won't Do Once Quarantine Lifts.As quarantine orders begin to lift around the country, it's important to remain safe as daily life becomes more active.But what are the best practices for life after quarantine?.A registered nurse in Colorado compiled this list of things she has decided she won't do even after stay-at-home orders are lifted.1. She will not go out in public without a mask.2. She will not share drinks with her children.3. She won't run non-essential err

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Noon: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is keeping track of reported coronavirus deaths and cases across Georgia, as reported by the Department of Public Health. As of midday, Georgia has at least 1,404 deaths and 32,969 confirmed cases.

8 a.m.: In Georgia, a very limited study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found African Americans made up 83% of 305 Georgians who had been hospitalized with COVID-19 and whose ethnicity was known. Ernie Suggs investigates patterns in the African American community.

6 a.m.: OPINION: Even before the coronavirus pandemic, food insecurity was one of the greatest challenges facing American families.

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