Ninety-eight ways to celebrate Jimmy Carter

Former president turns 98 years old on Saturday

Credit: Curtis Compton

Credit: Curtis Compton

As he has done in recent years, Jimmy Carter will celebrate his birthday quietly in Georgia.

That is not the case for those around him.

From the Carter Center to the Carter Presidential Library to the Jimmy Carter National Historical Park, everybody in Carter’s orbit is going all out.

The naval officer turned peanut farmer, turned governor, turned president, turned Nobel Peace Prize winner and oldest living former president will mark his 98th birthday Saturday in his home town of Plains surrounded by his family.

Last week, Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter made a surprise visit to the Plains Peanut Festival, riding in the back seat of a red 1946 convertible Ford.

To mark Carter’s birthday, the Atlanta-based Carter Center is engaging the public in a weeklong, virtual “celebration of a life dedicated to service and making the world a better place.”

The series will focus on his Georgia roots, his life of service and his post-presidency impact.

“As the longest-living president in U.S. history, President Jimmy Carter has had a remarkable life of service that deserves worldwide celebration,” said Paige Alexander, chief executive officer of the Carter Center. “Whether here in Georgia or in hard-to-reach regions around the world, millions of people have benefited from President Carter’s commitment to making the world a better place.”

On Friday, the Carter Center will host a ceremony to dedicate the Japanese Peace Bell Tower on the grounds of the complex.

On Saturday, in honor of the president’s birthday, the Carter Library & Museum will hold a naturalization ceremony for 98 people becoming American citizens. That will be followed by the opening of the exhibition, “The Colors of Peace: President Carter’s Vision Through the Art of Children,” which features 270 pieces of art created by children from around the world.

The Carter Center has also invited admirers to submit birthday wishes and photos to the Georgia native ahead of his big day.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has put together 98 ways to remember and celebrate the work of Georgia’s favorite son.

No. 1

Read about Jimmy Carter’s biggest accomplishments (2019)

No. 2

Relive Carter’s early political career with this photo gallery (up to 1974)

No. 3

Watch a video of some of the most memorable political cartoons from Carter’s 1976 presidential campaign (2021)

No. 4

Why so many who have met Carter consider him “the people’s president” (2019)

No. 5

A bill inspired by Carter’s cancer treatment became law (2016)

No. 6

Celebrate 75 years of the Carters’ marriage. (2021)

No. 7

Watch Mike Luckovich talk about his popular cartoon about the Carters’ 75th-anniversary. (2021)

No. 8

Relive the moment when Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (2002)

No. 9

Carter won three Grammy Awards, his third for the audiobook “Faith: A Journey for All” (2019)

No. 10

He urged Carter Center donors to redirect their money to fighting coronavirus (2020)

No. 11

Watch the Carters sing “Amazing Grace” with Willie Nelson in concert (2018)

Credit: John Bazemore

Credit: John Bazemore

No. 12

Jimmy and Rosalynn get caught on the Braves' “kiss cam” (2015)

No. 13

Remember the time “Carter for cancer survivor” yard signs covered Plains (2019)

No. 14

He held an anti-racism summit to heal rifts in Baptist churches (2016)

No. 15

The time Carter announced that his cancer was gone (2016)

No. 16

The story of how the Carter Presidential Center opened (1986)

No. 17

A painting by Carter fetched more than a half-million dollars at a fundraiser (2017)

No. 18

Celebrating 35 years of the Carters building homes for Habitat for Humanity (2018)

No. 19

Watch the documentary “Jimmy Carter, Rock & Roll President” (2020)

No. 20

Plains became a National Historic Site (1985)

No. 21

Carter returned to teaching Sunday school after his brain surgery (2019)

No. 22

Carter called on the nation to address police brutality (2020)

No. 23

Carter first marked Women’s History Week (later Month) (1980)

No. 24

The time Carter helped give Gregg Allman an honorary degree (2016)

No. 25

When Carter won an award from former political rival Gerald Ford’s foundation (2017)

No. 26

Carter returned to work fighting Guinea worm disease (2017)

No. 27

Read a preview of the comic book “Political Power: Jimmy Carter” (2021)

No. 28

Carter called for the expansion of vote-by-mail access (2020)

No. 29

Remembering Jimmy Carter’s early years growing up in Plains, Ga. (up to 1952)

Credit: John Amis / AP

Credit: John Amis / AP

No. 30

Attend Sunday school with Carter at Maranatha Baptist Church (2018)

No. 31

Jimmy and Rosalynn joined David Letterman to build Habitat homes in Indiana (2018)

No. 32

Carter was honored for appointing women, African-Americans to the federal bench (2019)

No. 33

A story about Carter shaking everyone’s hands on a (pre-pandemic) flight (2017)

No. 34

Carter presented Bob Dylan with a MusiCares award (2015)

No. 35

Read the recent Carter biography by Jonathan Alter (2020)

No. 36

The AJC followed the Carters on a visit to the aquarium and botanical gardens (2019)

No. 37

There was that time Carter said he got tenure at Emory “after 33 books” (2019)

No. 38

Relive memories of Carter’s inauguration (1977)

Credit: Uncredited

Credit: Uncredited

No. 39

Relive Carter’s presidential years, in photos (2020)

No. 40

The time Carter joked that he might run for president in 2020 (2018)

No. 41

Carter urged the U.S. to become great again by embracing human rights (2018)

No. 42

A class of students created raps about Jimmy Carter (2020)

No. 43

Carter became a National Park Service honorary park ranger (2018)

No. 44

When Carter became the oldest living former president (2019)

No. 45

A behind-the-scenes look at Carter preparing for Sunday school (2014)

No. 46

Georgians share their stories of meeting President Carter (2019)

No. 47

Carter explains how the Allman Brothers “put me in the White House” (2016)

Credit: Jason Vorhees

Credit: Jason Vorhees

No. 48

Carter said staying quiet about racism equaled accepting it (2016)

No. 49

He warned the U.S. to not abandon human rights (2016)

No. 50

Remembering Jimmy’s mother Lillian Gordy Carter (2019)

No. 51

Carter’s alma mater dedicated a plaza to him (2017)

No. 52

Relive the night that Carter won the presidency (1976)

No. 53

The Carters spoke virtually to the Democratic National Convention (2020)

No. 54

The story behind the smiling peanut roadside attraction in Plains (2019)

No. 55

Playboy magazine interviewed Carter about lust and other subjects (1976)

No. 56

Plan your visit to the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in Plains (2019)

Credit: Alex Brandon

Credit: Alex Brandon

No. 57

The Carters joined Paula Deen for a painting lesson (2019)

No. 58

When the Carters led the July 4 parade down Peachtree Street (1981)

No. 59

The Carters get caught on the “kiss cam” at a Hawks game (2019)

No. 60

Hear Jimmy Carter discuss his proudest moments (2018)

No. 61

Get to know Jimmy Carter’s other family members (2017)

No. 62

The time Carter learned the Civil War history of the Carter Center site (2018)

Credit: TCC

Credit: TCC

No. 63

Carter had hip surgery and recovered (2019)

No. 64

The Carters helped build 150 Habitat homes in Canada (2017)

Nos. 65-69

Relive Carter’s former birthday parties: Turning 96 with a drive-by parade celebration in Plains. (2020)

Happy birthday! Carter turns 95 (2019)

Happy birthday! Carter turns 94 (2018)

Happy birthday! Carter turns 93 (2017)

Carter’s 90th birthday celebration at the Carter Center and in Plains (2014)

No. 70

Watch Carter’s commencement speech at Liberty University (2019)

No. 71

Take a virtual tour of Plains and see Carter’s boyhood home (2008)

No. 72

Carter paid tribute to a reporter who exposed election fraud (2019)

No. 73

Plan a visit to the Carter Presidential Center (2019)

No. 74

The time Ted Turner and Hank Aaron honored the Carters (2018)

No. 75

The time Carter said he might not have been president if Twitter had been around (2017)



No. 76

Carter helped generate 50% of electricity for Plains using solar panels (2017)

No. 77

Read an excerpt from Carter’s book “Faith: A Journey for All” (2018)

No. 78

The time Carter attended the funeral of President George H. W. Bush (2018)

No. 79

When Carter gave advice to all the 2020 presidential candidates (2018)

No. 80

Learn the truth behind the “killer rabbit” story (1979)

No. 81

Watch Carter’s speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention (2016)

No. 82

Hear praise for Carter from international aid workers (2015)

No. 83

Watch Plains residents show support for Carter as he battled cancer (2018)

No. 84

That time Young Sav called Jimmy Carter, ‘Baby.’ (2015)

No. 85

Get a new appreciation from the documentary “Carterland.” (2021)

No. 86

See one of Carter’s annual Town Hall meetings with Emory freshmen (2016)

No. 87

Read a Q&A with Carter about his book “A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety” (2019)

No. 88

Bernie Sanders discussed human rights with Carter (2017)

No. 89

Argentina honored Carter with the country’s highest award (2017)

No. 90

Remembering five times that Carter broke the internet (2018)

No. 91

The time Ebenezer Baptist Church praised Carter as a “living example of the Gospel” (2018)

No. 92

Learn how Plains likes to celebrate its best-known residents. (2021)

No. 93

There was a time Carter seemed to be having more fun around Atlanta than anyone (2016)

No. 94

The time Carter received well wishes from around the world after his hospitalization (2017)

No. 95

Read one more quick sketch of a life well lived (2018)

No. 96

Get your coronavirus vaccine, and tell them that Jimmy and Rosalynn sent you. (2021)

No. 97

Remembering 13 ways that Carter changed the world (2017)

And finally,

No. 98

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