Podcast: From 2019, making biscuits with Carla Hall and Chadwick Boyd

Throughout the summer, we are developing a brand new podcast with a new name and a new sound that will launch in late summer. In the meantime, we’ll be revisiting some of our favorite shows from our first four years while still keeping you up-to-date on things to do in and around Atlanta.

In 2019, AJC food, dining and living editor Ligaya Figueras opened up her kitchen to celebrity chefs Carla Hall and Chadwick Boyd to not only make biscuits, but also teach us ways we can all improve our biscuit game. Hall made buttermilk biscuits from her most recent cookbook, “Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration” and Boyd blended recipes to make a savory biscuit using sage, honey and carrots. Find it at ajc.com/podcasts and at the Apple Podcast store.

Krush is this week’s pet of the week from the folks at Lifeline, who run the Fulton and DeKalb shelters, along with the Lifeline Community Animal Center. Krush is a pine cone-loving, stick-destroying master of fetch who loves ear scratches and big kisses. He’s great at making human friends and would love to be your buddy for a long walk in the woods or a snuggle on the couch. Krush is working on his leash training skills and is the king of “sit.”

Credit: Courtesy of Lifeline

Credit: Courtesy of Lifeline

Krush is a good listener and ready to match your energy, especially if you need a hype-man. And, if you need some time to yourself, he’s always ready to entertain himself and wrestle with Old Faithful, his ever present and oldest frenemy, his big waggly tail. Two-year-old Krush is available to adopt or foster from the LifeLine Community Animal Center (3180 Presidential Drive in Atlanta). He can’t wait to meet you.

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