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Credit: ESPN

Credit: ESPN

The worldwide leader in sports has officially jumped into the game with the exciting launch of the ESPN BET promo code. Now live in its second month following a Nov. 14, 2023 debut, the newly-launched sportsbook provides fans with a $250 bonus to bet on games using the ESPN BET Sportsbook promo code.

In order to secure the ESPN BET promo code, users can click the linked offer on this page to score the promo, but must enter promo code AJC to claim the $250 bonus.

Now officially launched, ESPN BET is making waves in the online sports betting space, and certainly for good reason. The new online sportsbook comes as the result of a recently formed partnership between ESPN and PENN Entertainment, and it has quickly excited bettors throughout the country.

The genesis of ESPN BET comes after PENN Entertainment parted with previous partner Barstool Sports. PENN’s previous partnership assisted the launch of the ESPN BET app and the ESPN BET promo code, as the company already held pre-existing sportsbook licenses in various states. Set up for success right out of the gate, ESPN BET Sportsbook was initially launched in 17 states thanks to PENN’s established presence.

With all of this being said, experienced sports bettors will know there is a particular aspect of a sportsbook launch to be excited about. This, of course, is the new user sportsbook promo code which provides a generous bonus to all first-time bettors on the platform.

The official launch of the ESPN BET Sportsbook App adds yet another fantastic betting platform to the already impressive list of online sportsbook operators currently available.

ESPN BET promo codeESPN BET details
📅 ESPN BET app launch date🎉 Nov. 14, 2023
💸 ESPN BET app promo code💰 Make any bet, get $250 bonus
🚨 Promo code (must enter at sign-up)AJC
💲 Minimum deposit$10
✅ Minimum betting age🎉 21
➡️ App platforms📱 iOS (Apple App Store), Android (Google Play), Web Browser
📲 Listed asESPN BET
❗ SellerPENN Entertainment
🇺🇸 ESPN BET states available at launch📍 AZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, NJ, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV

ESPN BET promo code AJC offers best new user incentive

Given the unparalleled status of ESPN as the true worldwide leader in sports, the debut of the ESPN BET promo code is ultra-exciting. Sports fans throughout the country are well-versed in the world of ESPN, making the arrival of the ESPN Sportsbook app all the grander occasion.

And if the excitement of a new sportsbook operator isn’t enough, bettors should know the arrival of the ESPN BET mobile app brings another lucrative sports betting promo code into the fold. While the ESPN BET promo code is available using the linked promos on this page, users are required to manually enter the promo code AJC to secure the $250 welcome offer.

ESPN Bet promo code: What to know right now

Now that ESPN BET is officially launched, new users have access to the highly anticipated ESPN BET promo code. Though the ESPN BET sign-up offer provides a $250 bonus, bettors are required to enter promo code AJC at the ESPN BET sign-up screen after clicking the linked offers on this page.

In recent times, bet-and-get new user offers have become increasingly popular for sportsbook operators. Other common sign-up offer types include deposit bonuses, no-sweat bets, bet insurance, first-bet offers, and more.

The ESPN BET bonus operates as a bet-and-get offer, and it’s one of the most user-friendly promos available. Any first bet will qualify users to receive $250 in bonuses when they enter promo code AJC at sign-up.

ESPN BET promo codeESPN BET details
💰 Expected ESPN BET bonus code💸 Make any bet, get $250 bonus
📅 ESPN BET bonus launch date🎉 Nov. 14, 2023
🇺🇸 ESPN BET promo code expected states📍 AZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, NJ, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV

A first-class design and user experience

As mentioned, the ESPN Sportsbook welcome bonus provides $250 in bonuses for new users who click the linked offer and enter promo code AJC at the registration screen. Given the current landscape of sign-up offers provided by legal sportsbook operators, ESPN BET users should be excited about the impressive value of the newly available promo code.

Now that the time has come to snatch up the registration offer from the ESPN BET promo code, players will be able to utilize the promo codes linked on this page to score the bonus. Remember, it is required to enter promo code AJC at sign-up to secure this $250 offer.

Credit: PENN Entertainment

Credit: PENN Entertainment

What sets the app apart from the competition?

Truthfully, many of the features across sportsbooks are the same. Same-game parlays, live bets, and odds boosts have matured to the point of becoming standard fare, but there are, from this perspective, three truly distinctive qualities about the app:

1. Don’t overlook the brand. ESPN matters. Along with oft-referenced debate shows like First Take, Around the Horn, and Pardon the Interruption, flagship programs like SportsCenter and television contracts with the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, and UFC (among others) helps cement its place in American sports culture. There’s something to be said for the ESPN name going on the app, and something to be said for the cross-promotion of its sportsbook.

2. No-touchdown parlays. Everyone who places same-game parlays knows that first and anytime touchdown scorers are popular plays. But what about rolling a bunch of players together to not score a touchdown? No other app aside from ESPN BET does. Know 6-7 players who absolutely aren’t scoring this week? Put them together and root for them to stay out of the end zone.

3. New user bonus has upside. Many bet-and-gets top out in the $150 dollar range, but with ESPN BET promo code AJC, players can realize higher bonus potential.

ESPN Bet in-app promos

The available ESPN Sportsbook promotions are certainly impressive. In addition to the ESPN BET welcome offer supplying $250 in bonuses, users will have access to all of the following perks.

  • Parlay+: The ESPN BET app features an impressive same-game parlay builder for bettors to lock in on one game. With the Parlay+ tool, a variety of options are at the fingertips of ESPN BET users.
  • Quick bets: With the quick bets feature, users have the opportunity to wager from play to play within a game, making the action more live than ever. This flash betting style is available on various sportsbooks and is certainly a popular feature among regular bettors.
  • Featured bets: On the homepage, users will find featured bets to browse through from day to day. These wagers may be themed or boosted and can provide another terrific promo for existing ESPN BET users.
  • Shareable bet slips: The ESPN BET mobile app allows users to share their bet slips on social media, providing another way to engage with the sports and betting communities.

In addition to the ESPN BET bonus code and product features, some of the other popular online sports betting promos include the following:

  • Odds boost: Using an odds boost, users have the opportunity to increase the value of the bet they are placing. Sportsbook odds boosts are typically scaled with a percentage, meaning the value of the boost will be the same no matter the size of the bet.
  • Parlay boost: Another popular bonus type is a parlay boost. With a parlay boost, users have the option to increase the value of their parlay bet (sometimes traditional parlays, sometimes same-game parlays) which in turn, increases potential winnings. Just like with an odds boost promo, a parlay boost is typically scaled based on a percentage.
  • Refer a friend: With refer a friend promos, users have the option to spread the fun of their favorite sportsbook and receive perks in the process. Made available on almost every top sportsbook operator, the refer a friend promo provides an exclusive code that users can send to their friends to register. When the referred friend signs up for an account and places a qualifying wager, both you and your referred friend will receive a bonus.
  • Early cash out: One of the best ways to protect your winnings on any sportsbook is by utilizing the early cash out feature. With early cash out, users can finalize their bet tickets and cash out partial winnings before the conclusion of the game they have wagered on. So if you’re feeling like your bet is taking a turn for the worst, head over to your bet slip and cash out the ticket early before the team you wagered on falls apart. Early cash out can be particularly useful for parlay bets, as users will have the option to cash out even with one or more leg(s) remaining on the parlay ticket.
  • Free-to-play contests/games/tournaments: Typically available on major online sports betting platforms, free-to-play contests/games/tournaments are a no-risk proposition. With no entry cost and the potential to win big, these free games are certainly a fan favorite. Popular free contest types involve survivor pools, pick ‘em, shuffles, high-lows, and more.

ESPN BET rewards

Always among the premier features of any online sportsbook, and a key feature of the ESPN BET app, rewards programs allow users to recoup value as they place bets. Typically with a rewards program, each and every time a user places a bet, they earn rewards points, and ESPN BET is no different. Those rewards/loyalty points can then later be redeemed for a host of exciting perks.

Given that ESPN BET operates under the PENN Entertainment brand, the loyalty program is the same PENN Play Member Rewards as was previously seen on the Barstool Sportsbook. Rewards points were transferred over to ESPN BET users who had previously earned PENN rewards via their account on Barstool Sportsbook.

Some of the rewards available through the PENN Play Member Rewards include:

  • ESPN BET bonuses
  • Hotel booking
  • Shopping & Dining
  • Cruise line discounts

Credit: ESPN

Credit: ESPN

Bet types on ESPN BET

With the ESPN Sportsbook now live as of Nov. 14, 2023, users all throughout the country now have access to a host of even more profitable sportsbook promos.

Using the sportsbook bonuses on this page is certainly an optimal way to bet on NFL, and is also a great way to bet on College Football. Additional sports/leagues to wager on include the MLB, NBA, NHL, and so much more.

Now that everything is officially launched, let’s go over some of the bet types available on ESPN BET.

  • Moneyline: Placing a moneyline bet is among the easiest ways to bet on any online sportsbook. With a moneyline bet, users are simply wagering on either team to win the game outright. Favored teams will have (-) odds on the moneyline, while underdog teams will carry (+) odds. To give an example, a $150 bet on the Atlanta Falcons at (-150) odds will pay out $100 in the event that the Falcons win. Subsequently, a $100 bet on the Falcons at (+150) odds will pay out $150 if the Falcons get the win.
  • Point spread: Playing a point spread bet is another very popular way to wager, and can keep you on the edge of your seat through the final seconds of the game. A point spread represents the difference (handicap) that the oddsmakers have set between the two teams playing in the game. Favored teams will be giving (-) points against the spread, while underdog teams will be getting (+) points against the spread. For example, if you bet on the Atlanta Hawks -7, then you will need the Hawks to win the game by at least eight points in order to cash your bet. On the other hand, if you bet the Hawks +7, then either an Atlanta outright win or a loss by no more than six points will result in a winning bet ticket. Do note that point spread bets that end in a tie are considered a “push” and the user is refunded.
  • Over-under total: Fans that have less of a rooting interest in either of the teams playing in the game will want to be familiar with over-under total bets. That’s because over-under totals combine the scores of both teams playing in the game to see whether it falls over or under the pre-game number set by the oddsmakers. Either team winning or losing the game will have no impact on an over-under total bet. Just like with a point spread bet, if an over-under total bet ends in a tie, the bet is considered a “push” and the user is refunded.
  • Player props: Another way to avoid the team win/loss outcome affecting your bet is by playing player props. With player props bets, users can instead wager on the individual statistics of specific players in the game. As fantasy football continues to grow in popularity, player prop bets are also becoming a go-to bet type for many NFL fans looking to wager on the action. During football season, some of the most popular prop bet types include:
    • First-Touchdown scorer
    • Anytime Touchdown scorer
    • Passing yards over-under
    • Rushing yards over-under
    • Receiving yards over-under
    • Interceptions over-under
    • Sacks over-under
  • Parlay: It wouldn’t be an ESPN BET app tutorial without the mention of parlay bets. Parlays are some of the most exciting ways to bet on sports and can lead to potentially massive payouts. But while parlays can be so profitable, they also carry a heightened sense of risk. That’s because a parlay consists of multiple betting lines from various games combined into one ticket, with multiplied odds. However, to win the parlay, users must win each individual leg of the bet. If any of the legs of the bet loses, the entire bet is lost. In the event that a parlay leg(s) ends in a push, that leg is voided from the ticket.
  • Same game parlay: Traditional parlay bets aren’t the only way to stack the odds in your favor. Users also have the option to place same game parlay bets, and these bets operate exactly how they read. Rather than having to stack together multiple betting lines from various games, users have the ability to combine multiple bets onto one ticket all from the same game. It’s a great way to lock in and focus on one game, with the potential to still win big.
  • Live betting: Placing bets pre-game isn’t the only way to wager on the action. Many top sports betting platforms also provide the ability to take up live betting. With live bets, users can jump in and wager on the action at virtually any point while the game is being played. Live betting odds are updated from moment to moment to reflect the ongoing status of the game being played, and they can provide some of the biggest odds swings and points of value for bettors to take advantage of. So don’t worry if you missed the start of the game, head over to the live bet section and get in on the action at your convenience.
  • Futures: In addition to live betting capabilities, there is also an option to call your shot long in advance. This is called futures betting. With a futures bet, users can bet on an outcome that is weeks, months, or even years in the distance. Futures betting provides some of the juiciest odds available, as there is so much less certainty involved when a bet is locked in so far in advance. However, placing a futures bet early can also provide premium value, as futures bets odds are updated throughout the season to reflect the status of the wager in question. The most popular way to play futures bets is by placing them pre-season. For football season, some of the most popular futures bets include:
    • Team to win the Super Bowl
    • Team to win Division
    • Team to win Conference
    • Team to make Playoffs
    • Team win total over-under
    • Most Valuable Player (MVP)
    • Offensive/defensive player of the year
    • Offensive/defensive rookie of the year
    • Team to win the College Football Playoff
    • Team to win the SEC
    • Heisman trophy winner

ESPN BET app available states

Credit: ESPN

Credit: ESPN

A product of the rebrand from Barstool Sportsbook, the ESPN BET promo code was launched on Nov. 14, 2023. With PENN Entertainment already holding numerous state online sportsbook licenses, the ESPN BET launch process was very streamlined.

The ESPN BET promo code is currently live and operational in the following states:

With the early success of the ESPN BET mobile app, it’s very likely that even more states will be looking to open their doors for online sports betting via the worldwide leader in sports.

How to get ESPN BET promo code

With the ESPN BET promo code now officially launched and users are ready to get started, they will need to complete the sign-up process. Although an exciting new sportsbook offer is now live, users will need to read carefully to claim the ESPN BET promo code.

First, prospective bettors need to click the linked offers on this page to claim the ESPN BET sign-up bonus. Then, when taken to the ESPN BET registration screen, users must enter promo code AJC to secure the $250 bonus. The next steps are to make an initial deposit and place a qualifying wager to activate the ESPN BET Sportsbook promo and get $250 in bonuses.

In order to register for an account on ESPN BET, users are required to provide the following:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Residential address
  • Phone number
  • Last four digits of Social Security

In addition to the aforementioned personal information, users will be required to enable the location services on their access devices. This is so that the ESPN BET mobile app can verify the user is within legal state online sports betting boundaries.

Deposit options on ESPN BET app

Now that the ESPN BET Sportsbook app has launched and users have successfully created their accounts using the bonus code offer on this page, the next step will be to make a deposit. Although the deposit methods are not always uniform across each and every sports betting platform, there are a number of common deposit options on ESPN BET, including:

  • Credit/debit card
  • Online banking
  • PayPal
  • VIP ACH eCheck
  • Wire transfer
  • Prepaid card
  • Sportsbook operator gift card

Withdrawal options on ESPN BET app

In addition to the deposit options, users on the ESPN BET app will also have several withdrawal methods at their disposal. Using these withdrawal options, users can receive payouts and take their online betting experience to the next level. Popular payout options available on ESPN Sportsbook include:

  • Online banking
  • PayPal
  • VIP Preferred eCheck
  • Wire transfer
  • Check by mail

ESPN BET promo code FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding the ESPN BET promo code.

Which states is the ESPN BET promo code available?

The ESPN BET promo is available in AZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, NJ, OH, PA, TN, VA, & WV: If ESPN BET takes off quickly as many expect, there is potential for even more states to be added to this list. This includes its anticipated arrival as one of the best North Carolina sportsbook promos with the expected 2024 launch.

Is the ESPN BET app separate from ESPN?

The ESPN BET app is part of the ESPN family, it is simply the newly crafted betting platform: ESPN will still operate its premier 24/7/365 worldwide sports coverage.

What is the ESPN Sportsbook bonus?

The ESPN Sportsbook bonus provides an offer for new users to make any bet, and get $250 in bonuses: In addition to the ESPN BET bonus code, new players located in states where legal online sportsbooks have been launched can take advantage of the other sportsbook promo codes listed on this page.

What is the minimum betting age for ESPN BET?

This varies by state, but in most locations throughout the country, the minimum betting age is 21 years old: However, there are a few states where the minimum betting age is 18 years old (like Kentucky).

Can you cash out bets early on ESPN BET app?

Yes, there is an early cash out feature available on ESPN Sportsbook: Seeing that this feature is already so popular among online sportsbooks, there was no reason to believe ESPN BET would exclude it.

Is ESPN BET legit?

ESPN BET is totally legit and is the result of a partnership formed by ESPN and PENN Entertainment: Seeing that PENN formerly partnered with Barstool Sportsbook, the company already owns sports betting licenses in a number of states throughout the country.

Does ESPN BET have live betting?

Yes, the ESPN sports betting app features live betting capabilities: With live betting features, users on the ESPN BET mobile app can jump into the action at any point during the game and place a bet.

Does the ESPN BET Sportsbook have a rewards program?

Yes, the PENN Play Members Rewards Program: This is the same rewards program that was available to users on the Barstool Sportsbook, and any previously earned points are still available to users who made the jump to ESPN BET.

How can I contact ESPN BET customer support?

ESPN BET Sportsbook users can contact customer support at Users also have access to customer support options within the ESPN BET app.

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