Podcast: Behind the powerful Carlos Museum exhibit ‘And I Must Scream’

Since 1998, the use of monofilament or multi-mono-filament nylon nets has been prohibited by Article 30 of the Fisheries Code, yet their import is authorized by the Commercial Code. Decomposing only after 500 years, these nets allow nothing to pass through its netting. Abandoned or lost upon the reefs and wrecks of the sea floor they produce an ecological disaster. Thousands of tons of lost nets choke marine life causing our fish to disappear.

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

Fabrice Monteiro’s Prophecy #8 is among the works to be displayed in the upcoming exhibit “And I Must Scream. Courtesy of MAGNIN-A Gallery, Paris. © Fabrice Monteiro

This week, we’ll hear about an intriguing exhibition at the Michael C. Carlos Museum.

Plastic bottles, computer parts, buzzing flies circling decay and beaches streaked with acrid black oil register as a new kind of colonialism in the stunning Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University exhibition “And I Must Scream: The Monstrous Expression of Our Global Crises.” It’s a challenging, multifaceted show centered on topics like climate change, political corruption, consumption and the legacy of war and colonialism in Africa. Felicia Feaster recently spoke with the museum’s curator of African art, Amanda H. Hellman, who organized the show, and she’ll bring us that conversation for this week’s podcast. Find it at ajc.com/podcasts and at the Apple Podcast store.

Elexis is one of many adoptable pets at the Lifeline Community Animal Center

Credit: Courtesy of Lifeline

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Credit: Courtesy of Lifeline

Elexis is this week’s adoptable pet from the folks at Lifeline, who run the Fulton and DeKalb shelters, along with the Lifeline Community Animal Center. Do you like to go on adventures? How about an afternoon hanging out at a brewery? Or are cuddles more your speed? Elexis has you covered on all of the above. This versatile, intrepid pup is happy to accompany you on whatever you have planned for the day. Elexis loves to play, be it chasing down a tennis ball or inviting you to a tug competition. Elexis also is delighted to be your cuddle buddy, getting lots of belly rubs and offering soft kisses in return. She loves everyone she meets, from small kids to adults (especially if they have a treat to offer her). Her floppy ears are so expressive, and you’ll get lost in her soulful eyes. Come meet your new best friend Elexis — the perfect combination of active fun and couch potato snuggles. She’s at the Lifeline Community Animal Center at 3180, Presidential Drive in Atlanta. You’ll find a photo of Elexis, and a link to find out more, on the story page for this podcast at ajc.com.

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