Podcast: From September 2021, a conversation about the ‘Dictionary of Southern Appalachian English.’

You’ll also hear a preview of our upcoming new podcast format.

Throughout the summer, we are developing a brand new podcast with a new name and a new sound that will launch in late summer, and this week, we’re going to start things off with a little sneak peek at what we’re working on. Here, I’m joined by our food, dining and Living editor Ligaya Figueras and our entertainment reporter Rodney Ho to talk about some of the week’s hot topics. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more of the new podcast format, which will include this and much more. In the meantime, we’ll be revisiting some of our favorite shows from our first four years while still keeping you up-to-date on things to do in and around Atlanta. This week, we’ll talk about the “Dictionary of Southern Appalachian English.”

When Jennifer K.N. Heinmiller inherited the million-word project that would become the “Dictionary of Southern Appalachian English,” its principal author had blown past several deadlines, lost his publisher and then died. The dictionary was a unique but expensive undertaking. It represented 85 years of research that would eventually produce a 1,225-page volume weighing about 12 pounds. Bo Emerson spoke with Heinmiller about the dictionary and he’ll bring us that conversation. Find it at ajc.com/podcasts and at the Apple Podcast store. Find the conversation at ajc.com/podcasts and at the Apple Podcast store.

Credit: Courtesy of Lifeline

Credit: Courtesy of Lifeline

Flor is this week’s adoptable pet from the folks at Lifeline, who run the Fulton and Dekalb shelters, along with the Lifeline Community Animal Center. You’ll flourish with Flor by your side. This cutie has a gorgeous black coat with the prettiest pointed ears. A staff member shared that Flor is sweet, playful and loves food — who doesn’t? We’re sure there’s even more to love and learn about Flor. Go meet her today at DeKalb County Animal Services at 3280 Chamblee Dunwoody Road jn Chamblee.