Try cheesy treat on a stick in East Atlanta

Dish of the Week: Korean corn dog at TKO

There should be more food on sticks. The Korean corn dog at TKO (The Korean One), a new stall at East Atlanta’s Southern Feedstore, is a fun dish served on a chopstick.

The chopstick skewers half of a Nathan’s beef hotdog and half a mozzarella stick. It’s all dipped in batter, covered it in panko breadcrumbs, and fried golden-brown and delicious. As it comes out of the fryer, it gets a dusting of sugar, and it is served with ketchup.

TKO chef Lino Yi calls his modern take on Korean and American food “familiar yet foreign, foreign yet familiar.” That’s exactly how it feels biting into this dog. You get an outstanding sweet crunch with that first bite, followed by an Instagram-worthy cheese pull. A savory nibble of the beef frank rounds out the whole experience.

The Korean corn dog used to be a dish available only at TKO pop-ups around town, but now you can grab one on a whim for lunch or dinner at the stall. The dog pairs well with TKO’s cheesy kimchi fried rice.

TKO. 1245 Glenwood Ave. SE, Atlanta.