Atlanta nominates Pratt-Pullman Yards as historic site

The Atlanta City Council has nominated a former rail car maintenance facility in the east side neighborhood of Kirkwood as an official city Historic Building and Site.

The Pratt-Pullman Yards is a 25-acre tract along Rogers Street, currently used for TV and movie projects such as “The Hunger Games.” The land is owned by the Georgia Building Authority and contains 100,000 square feet of historic industrial buildings.

It opened in 1900 as the original home of the Pratt Engineering and Machine Co.; manufactured munitions during the First World War, was acquired by the Pullman Co. in 1922 for its Pullman Rail Car Maintenance Facility, and in the late 20th Century was home base of the New Georgia Railroad dinner train.

Atlanta Contact Point, a nonprofit organization, has been working with Village Habitat Design on a "Pullman Preserve" redevelopment plan that calls for preserving the historic buildings and adding a nature preserve, urban farm, housing and other uses. Information:

The city’s Urban Design Commission at some point will conduct a public hearing on the nomination.