Only the brave survive this Halloween train ride in Pennsylvania

‘No Hope After Dark’ is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween if you’re brave enough

5 Interesting train facts.Early trains operated on gravity and rope for motion. .Some trains are considered second locomotives aka the train is pushed forward from the back locomotive.Modern bullet trains can travel up to 300mph.Trains became popular after President Lincolns assassination. .Hogwarts Express is REAL and available for rides

The “No Hope After Dark” Halloween train ride in Pennsylvania is a must-do for anyone looking for a truly terrifying Halloween experience, and it’s only a two hour plane ride from Atlanta.

“Our train will depart from New Hope to our festival at the unknown, where you will venture through our brand-new haunted maze, where live actors lurk around every twisted turn,” the website states.

The 100-minute journey will have the most sophisticated thrill-seeker begging to be let off, as it’s packed with tales of horror, an ax-wielding villain, ghosts and goblins

This train ride isn’t for the faint of heart.

“Fear not! The night isn’t solely about screams and shivers. Many nights beckon with food trucks offering a delicious escape from the fright and live music casting enchanting tunes under the moonlit sky, bringing a lively respite for the brave at heart,” the site continues.

Because it’s known for its raw, cutting edge storytelling, it’s recommended that only passengers 13 years and older take part in the spooky ride.

Tickets are available for $53 per person.