RECIPE: So your CSA box came with some weird-looking vegetables?

Because it is so easy to grow, kohlrabi is the darling of CSA (community supported agriculture) boxes and farmers market stands. But what can you make with these hard green or purple bulbs and their alien-like stems? Almost everything. Kohlrabi bulbs can be enjoyed raw, boiled, mashed or roasted.

ExploreRECIPE: Give kohlrabi a Mediterranean makeover

Don’t be intimidated by kohlrabi’s imposing outer layer. I use a paring knife to trim the ends and a sharp vegetable peeler on the rest. Raw kohlrabi has a juicy texture and mild, pleasant taste, similar to jicama. It pairs beautifully with apples, which is how I created this sweet, citrusy Labor Day picnic slaw.

For the ultimate no-waste cooking, save the kohlrabi stems and leaves, even if they are wilted. They’ll perk up in a refrigerated jar of water. Like the bulbs, kohlrabi leaves lack bitterness. Enjoy them braised in your favorite collard greens recipe.