Beer Pick: Yom Ice Cream releases Chonky Boi collaboration with Pontoon Brewing

Yom Chonky Boi pint and pop. / Photos courtesy of Yom Ice Cream and Pontoon Brewing

Yom Chonky Boi pint and pop. / Photos courtesy of Yom Ice Cream and Pontoon Brewing

Pontoon Brewing in Sandy Springs is celebrating its collaboration with Yom Ice Cream at noon on Saturday by launching Chonky Boi, a new flavor inspired by Pontoon’s This Boi Is Chonky stout series.

For the event, Pontoon created a pairing menu featuring Yom Ice Cream push-pops, along with a new beer release, The Great Punkin’ Spice, an Imperial Brown Ale flavored with pumpkin, sweet potato, cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin spice and pumpkin spice coffee.

In celebration of Pontoon’s new collaboration, this week’s Beer Pick isn’t a beer, it’s Chonky Boi ice cream.

Beer Pick

Chonky Boi

Yom Ice Cream, Atlanta with Pontoon Brewing, Sandy Springs

Available in pops and pints online and at markets, beer shops and breweries around Atlanta, including Pontoon


Designed with Pontoon’s This Boi is Chonky in-house stout series in mind, Yom Chonky Boi ice cream is described as “a fusion of chocolate and malt, with notes of coffee, maple, and cinnamon.”

The main ingredients are cream, skim milk, sugar, malted barley extract, maple syrup and semi-sweet chocolate, giving the ice cream a very smooth and creamy mouthfeel. But more subtle additions, including whisky, cocoa powder, coffee beans and cinnamon add to the complexity.

I was able to try several more Yom premium custard ice cream flavors, and I especially enjoyed chocolate and pistachio, which as Yom brothers and ice cream makers, Simon and William McLane say, “use a minimal amount of maximally good ingredients.”

Pair with

Try Chonky Boi ice cream after dinner with brown ales, stouts, or Irish coffee.

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