DraftKings Review: Why it is a powerhouse app in the US sports betting market

draftkings review

Credit: XLMedia

Credit: XLMedia

draftkings review

As the US sports betting market continues to spread from state to state, DraftKings has established itself as one of the top operators available thanks to premium service and an ultra-impressive mobile app. While there are a variety of platforms for new users to try out, there’s no mystery why so many opt to bet on DraftKings Sportsbook time and time again.

While prospective users in various states await the legalization and/or launch of online sports betting, the market has shown a similar outcome in many of the already available locations. The result? DraftKings and FanDuel have proven to be the top two options for both new and returning online sports bettors, with a secondary tier of sportsbooks like BetMGM and Caesars representing the next best options.

Becoming renowned for its lucrative promos and bonuses offered to any eligible users who jump into the action, DraftKings is simply the place to be when it comes to online sports betting.

To this point, the US online sports betting market has shown very similar results nationwide. And while new states continue to emerge and join the ranks, the powerhouse that is DraftKings Sportsbook remains the top dog with every launch.

At the moment, DraftKings Sportsbook is available in twenty-one states (AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, TN, VM, VA, WV, WY) and can be expected with the first wave of operators to go live in any new state that launches online betting. In some states, like New Hampshire, DraftKings is the only online sports betting platform available.

DraftKings Sportsbook has earned the status of America’s top option

There’s a myriad of reasons why DK separates itself from the field as an elite platform, perhaps none as important as the generous DraftKings promo code offered to new users.

Established brand name and presence have been a major boon to DraftKings Sportsbook’s success, but how did we get here, where DraftKings rules the roost? Well, DraftKings was already well-known from a Daily Fantasy Sports perspective, as it was one of the early platforms to jump into the space years ago. And with the major 2018 Supreme Court decision that made legal sports betting a reality, DraftKings wasted little time firing up its online sportsbook platform.

The benefit DraftKings received from its reputation as a Daily Fantasy Sports platform cannot be understated, and a large percentage of DFS users have since been converted to the Sportsbook side of things.

DraftKings is now live in twenty-one states throughout the country after initially launching in New Jersey in 2018.

Following the major Supreme Court decision in 2018 to remove the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, the sports betting industry was all-of-a-sudden a legitimate possibility. That Supreme Court decision removed the federal law that had previously banned sportsbooks and allowed each state to delegate the industry individually.

Moving with swift action, New Jersey was the first state to then legalize and launch sports betting, and DraftKings arrived in the Garden State on day one. In fact, DraftKings was the first online sportsbook to go live in New Jersey following the breakthrough August 2018 launch. Technically speaking, DraftKings New Jersey was the first online sportsbook in the country to go live following the 2018 Supreme Court decision, a badge the company wears with pride.

Fast-forward to 2024 and DraftKings now operates in every legalized sports betting state in the country (21 in total). It’s safe to say DK has been instrumental in the rollout of US legal sports betting, and there are no signs the sportsbook behemoth plans to slow down any time soon.

In addition to online sports betting coverage in all the available states, DraftKings operates a host of retail sportsbook locations throughout the country, allowing eligible users to bet in person. DraftKings has inked partnerships with some of the biggest sports leagues in the country including the NFL, NHL, NBA, PGA Tour, and the UFC, allowing DK to familiarize themselves with sports fans of all types.

With its widespread availability throughout the country and even higher visibility from a marketing perspective, DraftKings is simply in your face 24/7 as a sports bettor. It’s an unparalleled status of excellence that has been earned over years of dedicated service, and it’s the envy of every other competing sportsbook platform.

The DraftKings Sportsbook app: An online bettor’s paradise

Now that we’ve run through how and why DraftKings has become the nation’s most available sportsbook, let’s take a look into the mobile app and see why so many prefer it to the competition.

Navigating the app is easy to do as one-touch buttons for specific sports, leagues, and promos allow users to instantly view detailed betting odds and information on their market of choice. At the bottom of the screen on the DK app, the Home, In-Game (live betting), My Bets, All Sports, and Rewards tabs make it a user-friendly experience to access all the most pertinent parts of the platform.

Same Game Parlays are a delight on the DraftKings app, as users can simply stack together their selected lines of choice after browsing through the available markets. The Betslip will allow for the selections to be staked individually, as well as bet together in a Same Game Parlay. Additionally, DraftKings users can opt for a pre-selected Same Game Parlay that has already been grouped together, oftentimes these SGPs come with enhanced odds and boosts.

DraftKings offers a premium selection of promos and bonuses for both new and existing users. For starters, first-time bettors on the platform can secure the trademark DraftKings promo code to bet $5 and get $150 in bonus bets instantly. While other sportsbooks’ welcome offer requires users to settle, or even win their first bet, DraftKings will pay out the bonus bets reward as soon as the initial qualifying wager has been placed.

The offers certainly don’t stop there, as existing DraftKings users have access to constant bonuses and promos, many of which are themed to match the major sports that are in-season. Click on the Rewards section in your DraftKings Sportsbook to view all the available Promos before making your selection and opting in.

Of course, DraftKings is equipped with an immaculate loyalty program that can be found in the Dynasty tab of the Rewards section. Users can complete Missions on the sportsbook to earn Crowns and Tier Credits to improve their Dynasty tier, and thus improve the loyalty rewards they are eligible to receive.

Perks of using DraftKings Sportsbook

Let’s delve a bit further into the details of the DraftKings Sportsbook perks, ranking it among the best overall gambling apps.

Those Dynasty tiers we mentioned earlier? You would be hard-pressed to find a more impressive loyalty program on any competitor sportsbook. Here’s how it works:

All DraftKings Sportsbook and Golden Nugget Casino users are automatically enrolled in the Dynasty loyalty program. Each time users place a bet on DraftKings Sportsbook or Golden Nugget Casino, they will receive Crowns and Tier Credits. Crowns can be redeemed in the Rewards hub for perks like DK Dollars (which is essentially site credit) or options in the Dynasty Store (merch, gift cards, and more).

Tier Credits are also earned by playing on DraftKings Sportsbook or the Golden Nugget Casino, and represent the status of the user in the Dynasty program. Players can progress to the next tier when they unlock enough Tier Points, and they will hold that status until the end of the calendar year as well as the next year.

Each tier offers progressively enhanced rewards, allowing users to recoup impressive bonuses along the way. Check out the breakdown of Dynasty tiers below:

Tier LevelTier Credits per calendar year
Bronze0 - 4,999 Tier Credits in a calendar year
Silver5,000 Tier Credits in a calendar year
Gold25,000 Tier Credits in a calendar year
Diamond90,000 Tier Credits in a calendar year
Onyx175,000 Tier Credits in a calendar year

DraftKings also provides community access to Betting Groups, where DraftKings users can post their bet tickets and exchange strategy/information with each other. The bet tickets will display if they are popular choices as it will show “10 people in this bet” for example.

The constant rotation of promos keeps all DraftKings users on their toes, with constant access to boosted odds and profits based on the sports in-season. Highly anticipated matchups are oftentimes targeted by DraftKings with exclusive betting promos for that individual game. As an added touch, some of the DraftKings Sportsbook promos are backed by celebrities. For example, the JJ Profit Splash (backed by former NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick) provides a 50% boost on any NBA Same Game Parlay/Same Game Parlay+. Former NFL player and current ESPN Analyst Shannon Sharpe has also been featured with various DraftKings promos and bonuses.

Some of the available promos in May 2024 include:

  • JJ Profit Splash: Get a 50% profit boost to use on any NBA SGP/SGP+ bet today!
  • NBA No Sweat SGP or SGPx: Place an NBA SGP or SGPx bet today and get a bonus bet back if you lose!
  • NBA Threesday: Bet a First Three Pointer wager and earn towards a bonus bet for every made 3 in the game!
  • MLB Early Win: Win your moneyline bet if your team leads by at least 2 runs at ANY time, even if they lose the game!
  • Soccer 25% SGP/SGPx Boost: Get a 4+ leg 25% SGP/SGPx Profit Boost to use on Soccer today!

DraftKings offers the chance for users to win massive rewards when they play the Jackpot Pools. With DratKings Jackpot Pools, users have the opportunity to answer 15 questions correctly. If they get them all right, they will win the Jackpot. The entry fee for DraftKings Jackpot Pools is $2. All pools start at $10,000 and the Jackpot grows every time a new entry is made until the Jackpot is won. If multiple users win the Jackpot, the prize money is split between the various users who won. If no one wins the Jackpot in the allotted time, the prize money is rolled over into a new Jackpot Pool.

Summary of the DraftKings review

To keep it simple, you can’t do any better than DraftKings Sportsbook when it comes to online sports betting. This is the top platform both in its accessibility, as well as its service. With widespread availability in 21 states (all legal US online betting territories), personalized promos for new and existing users, and a comprehensive loyalty program, there simply isn’t anything lacking when it comes to DraftKings.

The app is super easy to use for first-timers, and offers niche/advanced betting markets for experienced users. Same Game Parlays are a breeze on the app and allow users to lock in and make it rain within the confines of one game, rather than having to track multiple matchups at once.

Add in the fact that DraftKings has risen to peak levels of notoriety, there’s just no missing the platform when new users want to jump into sports betting. As new states come into the fold and launch online sports betting, DraftKings is always there to launch in the first wave, and even has exclusive operator status in states like New Hampshire.

DraftKings has made it a point to partner with major sports leagues throughout the country like the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA Tour, and the UFC, allowing to further increase brand presence through heavily targeted advertising. Celebrity ambassadors have been featured throughout the platform offering specific betting promos backed by some of the public’s favorites like Shannon Sharpe and JJ Reddick.

Simply put, as the online sports betting market expands throughout the country, so too does the dominance of DraftKings Sportsbook.

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