Video highlights: Warnock - Walker debate
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Video clips courtesy WAGA-TV


Walker said the U.S. should work to become energy independent, and that Warnock and other Democrats have contributed to inflation. Warnock, asked if he bears any responsibility for record inflation, said he has worked to pass legislation that lowers the cost of insulin and caps prescription costs for seniors.

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Did Biden win?

Walker said Biden and Warnock both won, which is why he is running for office. Warnock responded, saying Walker would rather run against anyone except him.

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Warnock said he trusts women to make their medical choices more than politicians. Walker said he is a Christian and as a senator he would work to protect life.

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Warnock said passing the first gun safety law in 30 years will save lives. Walker said he wouldn't support any legislation that infringed Second Amendment rights.

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Warnock: Personal integrity

Warnock was asked about recent published reports that allege his church has evicted residents of church-owned property for owing as little as $30. The senator said "my opponents and his allies" are trying to sully his church.

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Walker: Mental health

Walker said he is not ashamed to admit he had a mental problem and sought help. He later said he no longer requires treatment for dissociative identity disorder.

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Nuclear threat from Russia

Warnock said he is glad "we're standing up to Putin's aggression" and he worked with others to keep a military installation in Savannah open. Walker said "Putin is a bully and the way you beat a bully is to show strength."

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Biden and Trump in 2024

Warnock said he hasn't thought about who would be running for president in 2024. Walker said he would support Trump in 2024 if he runs for president.

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Should Braves change team name?

Walker said there are more important issues than the name of the baseball team. Warnock said, "I trust that they and the tribes that they're talking to will come to a place that makes sense for all involved."

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