Back in 2022, Airbnb launched the $10,000,000 OMG! Fund. Marietta native Matthew FitzPatrick knew buying a property in Ellijay to compete in the contest would be a gamble.

After all, only the 100 most aspiring designers, architects and DIYers from around the world would be selected from among tens of thousands of entries to win up to $100,000 each for their “out-of-this-world” idea.

Sure enough, the gamble paid off.

Now the owner and host of The Lens Lodge — one of Airbnb’s most unique listings worldwide — FitzPatrick used his winnings to craft a cabin rental inspired by the quintessential camera.

Equipped with a bedroom right inside the lens and chic interior throughout, it’s gunning to be the picture-perfect way to get away from the city for a quiet weekend in the mountains.

“What makes The Lens Lodge the perfect weekend getaway is that while it is almost equidistant from both downtown Ellijay and downtown Blue Ridge and all the activities both places have to offer, it is still very secluded at the top of a mountain and is a full experience of its own,” FitzPatrick told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

It’s a one-bedroom, one-bathroom lodge. At the time of this writing, a stay at the earliest date available was priced at $229 a night.

While you’re there, FitzPatrick has devised Insta-worthy moments to take advantage of.

“From sleeping and stargazing in the lens of the camera 15 feet off the ground, to taking Polaroid pictures with your group to remember your stay and documenting it in the ‘Guest Polaroid Scrapbook,’ to board games, a camera puzzle, magnetic wall scrabble, a smart TV with a large lounge sofa to cuddle up with your loved ones and watch a movie, to a hot tub on the deck with a trendy LED ‘Lens Lodge’ sign and a turf wall, to a fully stocked 5-star hotel quality modern house, it really is one of the most unique stays in the world that will keep you entertained for days,” he said.