Podcast: A chat with the creators of Alliance Theatre’s ‘Darlin’ Cory’

Appalachian-set new musical is the work of Atlanta playwright Phillip DePoy and musician Kristian Bush.

Credit: Aniska Tonge

Credit: Aniska Tonge

This week, we’ll talk about the Alliance Theatre’s season premiere.

Live theater has been one of the major casualties of the pandemic, but this fall, many local companies are venturing back into live productions with audiences in attendance. The Alliance Theatre will be among them, kicking things off with “Darlin’ Cory,” an Appalachian-set new musical from the local team of playwright Phillip DePoy and musician Kristian Bush. Bo Emerson spoke with the creators recently about the show and he’ll bring us that conversation. Find it at ajc.com/podcasts and at the Apple Podcast store.

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