RECIPE: Make the Po’Boy Shop’s Muffuletta Salad

The Po’Boy Shop’s Muffuletta Salad. (Courtesy of David Schmidt)

Credit: Courtesy of David Schmidt

Credit: Courtesy of David Schmidt

The Po’Boy Shop’s Muffuletta Salad. (Courtesy of David Schmidt)

We love muffuletta sandwiches but they can be a bit overwhelming with all that bread. The Po’Boy Shop makes a salad that has all the flavors in salad form. We’d love to have the recipe. Elizabeth Voss, Decatur

Mark Ferguson and David Schmidt, owners of the Po’Boy Shop, were happy to share this recipe they say is a tasty option when you’re looking for a carb-conscious alternative to a muffuletta sandwich. “Like so many, we first experienced the muffuletta sandwich at Central Grocery and Deli in New Orleans’ French Quarter. They serve their muffuletta cold and it’s big enough for two, in my opinion,” said Schmidt.

Since the pandemic, the restaurant has been unable to source traditional round muffuletta rolls, but they happily offer a muffuletta po’boy on Leidenheimer bread, which they think is best served warm although you can request it cold. They think the ratio of meat/cheese/bread is better with the po’boy option, and find many customers prefer it.

For the salad, they take the muffuletta filling of cured meats and cheeses and stack them into little cubes on top of a romaine-based salad. The ingredient that can’t be left out is olive salad, and the restaurant makes it 4 gallons at a time. They provided a home-sized recipe but noted that you can find olive salad at most grocery stores or order it online from New Orleans mainstays like Central Grocery or Boscoli Foods. They suggest serving this salad with your favorite vinaigrette.

The Po’Boy Shop’s Olive Salad

Look for giardiniera in the pickle section of the grocery store where you may also find Peppadew peppers, which are a little less common. When draining the green olives, reserve the brine for the recipe.

From the menu of ... The Po’Boy Shop & Basement Bar, 1369 Clairmont Road, Decatur; 678-974-8725,

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