Enjoy a traditional New Orleans snack at this Decatur spot

Credit: Henri Hollis

Credit: Henri Hollis

Dish of the Week: Boudin balls at the Po’Boy Shop

As our city prepares to host the Super Bowl, we now know a certain New Orleans favorite won't be making its way to town. But, while the Saints may not be coming to Atlanta for the big game, fans of the New Orleans team, as well as hometown Falcons fans, can enjoy a savory delicacy from the Crescent City: the delicious boudin balls found at the Po'Boy Shop in Decatur. 

The Po'Boy Shop's boudin balls are made with a mixture of white rice and traditional boudin sausage, with a deep-fried crust of crispy breadcrumbs. Like much of New Orleans cuisine, they pair extremely well with a celebratory beer or a sweet cocktail. The Po'Boy Shop, which seems to do everything well, serves them piping hot, four to an order, with just enough spice and salt to keep you sipping your drink.

Recently upgraded from a weekly special to the permanent menu, the Po’Boy Shop’s boudin balls have proved they have staying power — kind of the opposite of the Saints’ postseason. …

But, the city that’s too busy to hate has more important things to attend to than rubbing it in over a rival’s loss. We’re hosting the biggest sporting event in the world, and a snack like these piquant boudin balls is just the fuel we need during the festivities. In fact, we might be able to enjoy them even more without having to hear visitors shout “Who Dat?” up and down Peachtree.

The Po’Boy Shop. 1369 Clairmont Road, Decatur. 678-974-8725, thepoboyshopatl.com.