Try these veggie nachos with crunch in Midtown

Dish of the Week: Endive nachos at Bar Margot

Sitting in the plush environs of Bar Margot in Midtown’s Four Seasons Hotel, it’s time to up your nacho game. And, the folks there have figured out just how to do it, with their endive nachos. You get the crunch, cheese and flavorful toppings you expect, while keeping things fresh and light.

Chef Chad “Sosa” Hester’s seasonal veggie twist on nachos begins with crisp endive leaves. The sharp, bitter flavor of the endive is tempered by a dollop of earthy, mild goat cheese scooped into each leaf. Late fall is the peak of pomegranate season — with the ripened fruit full of plump, fleshy seeds called arils — and Hester sprinkles the vividly colored superfood seeds onto the creamy goat cheese, adding tart sweetness and mellowing the endive. Finally, some nutty crunch is added with candied pecans.

It all comes together with a drizzle of citrus honey dressing. The crunchy bites provide a nacho-like satisfaction, and you never realize it’s basically a finger-food salad.