Sports betting in North Carolina: Common bet types explained

north carolina sports betting

Credit: XLMedia

Credit: XLMedia

The Tar Heel State is gearing up for a massive launch as North Carolina online sports betting is set to be made available beginning Mar. 11, 2024.

Before the official launch date arrives, eligible users in North Carolina have the opportunity to score various pre-registration promos and bonuses from several sportsbook operators. Once online sportsbooks are live and available in North Carolina, users will have a variety of ways to wager on exciting sports action.

North Carolina is home to some of the most prominent college basketball programs in the country, and now for the first time, hometown fans will have the chance to legally bet on their favorite teams in March Madness. On the pro sports side, the NBA and NHL seasons are in full swing with the push for the Playoffs now officially on. And in just a few short weeks, the MLB will be queuing up for Opening Day.

So, before everything gets underway, let’s cover all of the ways to bet on sports in North Carolina including a complete review of available bet types.

Bet types explained: North Carolina sports betting

As soon as North Carolina online sportsbooks are launched, users will have the option to get offers from the likes of the FanDuel North Carolina promo code, BetMGM North Carolina promo code and more to place wagers using any of the following bet types.


A moneyline bet represents the outright winner of the game in question. Moneylines for each team are labeled by odds which directly correlate to the risk/win amounts of the bet. Favored teams will be labeled with (-) odds, while underdog teams will carry (+) odds.

To give an example of a moneyline bet, users might see the North Carolina Tar Heels listed as (-300) favorites. Applying these odds, a winning $300 bet would return a payout of $100. On the flip side, if the Tar Heels are listed as (+300) underdogs, a winning $100 bet would return a $300 profit.

Point spread

Another ultra-popular way to wager, point spread bets represent the pre-game handicap that adds or subtracts points from a team’s total. With a point spread bet, users are wagering on either team to “cover” the pre-game number.

For example, the Duke Blue Devils might be listed as (-4) favorites heading into their matchup. If you bet on Duke (-4) then you will need the Blue Devils to win the game by at least five to cover the four-point spread and win your bet. If Duke were a (+4) underdog, anyone betting on their (+4) line would need either an outright Duke win or a loss by no more than three to cover the four-point spread.

If a point spread bet ends in a tie, it’s considered a “push” and the user is refunded the full value of their wager. Also, you should be aware that many North Carolina sports betting promos allow you to bet the spread of games with bonus bets or first-bet protections.

Over-under total

If bettors have less rooting interest in the two teams playing, they might want to try an over-under total bet. That’s because over-under total bets combine the scores of both teams playing in the game to see whether it falls over or under the pre-game total.

If an over-under bet ends in a tie, it’s considered a “push” and the user is refunded the full value of their wager.

Player props

Betting on player props is a great way to wager for users who have a particular rooting interest in an individual player or players. With player prop bets, the team win/loss outcome of the game is disregarded, these wagers pertain only to the statistics of individual players. Oftentimes, player props are parlayed together onto one ticket for multiplied odds and a potentially larger payout.


Speaking of parlay bets, this is without a doubt the most lucrative way to bet on sports. With a parlay bet, users combine together multiple bets from various games onto one ticket, multiplying the odds in the process. And while parlay bets can prove to be ultra-profitable, they also carry a heightened sense of risk, as there is more opportunity for the bet to lose.

In order to win a parlay bet, users must hit each of the individual legs on the ticket. If any of the legs loses, the entire bet is lost. If a leg(s) on a parlay bet ends in a tie, the leg is voided from the ticket.

Same-game parlay

In addition to traditional parlay bets, North Carolina bettors can place same-game parlays. These are just like a traditional parlay, but rather than combining betting lines from various games, the same-game parlay ticket must all be within one game.

It’s important to point out that on certain sportsbooks, same-game parlays can carry slightly different rules than traditional parlays. So be sure to read through all the rules before locking in your wager.

Futures betting

Sports fans have the option to call their shot long in advance by placing futures bets. With a futures bet, users are wagering on an event to occur down the line. For example, fans might make a futures bet on the Carolina Panthers to win the NFC South. Or perhaps place a futures bet on the North Carolina Tar Heels to win the NCAA Tournament.

Futures bets represent some of the juiciest odds on any sportsbook, as users are typically betting well in advance of the event in question. Although pre-season is typically the most popular time to place futures bets, the lines are available and updated throughout the campaign to allow users the chance to get in on the action in-season.

Live betting

Most sportsbooks allow users to jump into the action at any point with live betting. This is a true luxury as fans won’t need to worry if they miss the start of the game, they can simply fire up the live betting odds and place their wager while the game is ongoing.

Live betting odds are updated by the moment to reflect the status of the game being played and can provide serious points of value thanks to swings of momentum. Although not all bet types are typically made available with live betting, users can still wager on live moneylines, live point spreads, live over-under totals, and much more.

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