NBA Betting: In-Season Tournament Odds & Picks

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Credit: xlm

NBA betting season is here.

Because of the way the NBA is structured, the obsession with individual awards such as the MVP and the new in-season tournament, the NBA is one of the most popular professional sports for betting. While the season runs from October through the end of the NBA Finals in June (a good nine months!), the NBA betting season almost runs the entire calendar year because of the large interest around futures bets during the summer months.

Most of NBA betting typically involves three bet types: futures bets, betting on the individual games and player prop bets. There are other bets available, but most of the action involves one of these three categories.

bet365′s NBA Betting Odds

bet365 has a myriad of NBA betting odds to consider for the NBA in-season tournament, the NBA Playoffs, and the NBA individual awards.

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bet365′s NBA Championship Odds

As of November 27, 2023, the odds to win the NBA Championship for the 2023-24 season are as follows:

Boston Celtics+350
Denver Nuggets+400
Milwaukee Bucks+400
Phoenix Suns+700
Golden State Warriors+1200
Philadelphia 76ers+1400
LA Lakers+1600
LA Clippers+2000
Dallas Mavericks+2500
Cleveland Cavs+2800
Minnesota Timberwolves+2800
Miami Heat+4000

Not much movement since the last time we updated these odds. The order of the top 5 remains the same with the Warriors odds getting a bit longer.


The MVP race in the NBA is constantly one of the more talked-about awards in all of professional sports. Because of the dominance of the NBA superstar, the NBA MVP award is certainly an interesting individual award with respect to futures betting.

Here are the odds for the NBA MVP race from bet365 as of November 27, 2023:

Nikola Jokic+180
Luka Doncic+550
Jayson Tatum+700
Joel Embiid+750
Giannis Antetokounmpo+1000
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander+1400
Kevin Durant+2000
Stephen Curry+2000
Anthony Edwards+2500
Devin Booker+2500

Since the last time we updated these odds, Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets has further cemented his favorite status. Jokic seems to be the consensus MVP pick around the league at this point in the season. The top 5 has remained the same since earlier in the season, but Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has moved to no. 6 in the list with the Oklahoma City Thunder’s hot start.

2023 NBA In-Season Tournament Historical Odds & Results

The 2023-24 NBA season saw the first ever in-season tournament. The tournament took place with group play games in November, a round of single elimination games that took us from 8 teams to 4 teams the first week of December and ultimately a “final four” that competed in Las Vegas on December 7 & 9, 2023.

Overall, the first in-season tournament has been viewed as a huge success. While questions lingered early whether players would be invested and compete at a high level to win a new type of championship, these questions were answered early with intense competition and a high level of play.

For NBA bettors, the in-season tournament brought a new batch of markets to bet. Futures odds were available for betting on the potentialy winner of each group as well as the outright winner of the tournament. Additionally, bettors could wager on the player that would be awarded the MVP for the tournament. We have captured the odds that were available at the beginning of the tournament for group winners and outright winners which you can see as follows:

2023 In-Season Tournament Group Winner Odds & Results

The below table shows the original odds that were available at DraftKings for bettors interested in wagering on the winner of particular groups during the group play stage of the tournament.

GroupTeam (Odds)Group Winner
West Group APhoenix (+140)
LA Lakers (+215)
Memphis (+450)
Utah (+800)
Portland (+1200)
LA Lakers (+215)
West Group BDenver (+180)
LA Clippers (+240)
New Orleans (+400)
Dallas (+400)
Houston (+1100)
New Orleans (+400)
West Group CGolden State (+200)
Sacramento (+250)
Minnesota (+300)
Oklahoma City (+350)
San Antonio (+1500)
Sacramento (+250)
East Group APhiladelphia (+170)
Cleveland (+190)
Atlanta (+450)
Indiana (+600)
Detroit (+1400)
Indiana (+600)
East Group BMilwaukee (-115)
Miami (+260)
New York (+400)
Charlotte (+950)
Washington (+1500)
Milwaukee (-115)
East Group CBoston (-135)
Toronto (+550)
Brooklyn (+600)
Orlando (+650)
Chicago (+650)
Boston (-135)

In addition to the group winners, the wildcard winners were Phoenix Suns in the west and New York Knicks in the east.

2023 In-Season Tournament Knock-Out Stage Results

Following group play, the 8 teams that moved on entered single elimination play. Here are the results from the round of 8:

DateMatchup (Score)Winner
Monday, Dec. 4, 2023Boston Celtics (112) vs. Indiana Pacers (122)Indiana Pacers
Monday, Dec. 4, 2023Sacramento Kings (117) vs. New Orleans Pelicans (127)New Orleans Pelicans
Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2023Milwaukee Bucks (146) vs. NY Knicks (122)Milwaukee Bucks
Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2023LA Lakers (106) vs. Phoenix Suns (103)LA Lakers

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