ZAGAT releases Atlanta's 30 under 30

Credit: Alexa Lampasona

Credit: Alexa Lampasona

ZAGAT has released Atlanta's inaugural  "30 Under 30" list,which highlights the up and coming gems in the food and beverage industry. Some faces may look familiar, like Julia Goglia of Pinewood Tippling Room, while others are faces you'll want to remember from now on, like Victor Shell of Little Ice Cream Dude. These fresh young industry stars were nominated by co-workers, employers and ZAGAT readers.

  • Adam Berlin & Juan Calle | Founders/Managing Partners at The Cairns Hill Group
  • Giorgia Caporuscio | Pizzaiola at Don Antonio by Starita
  • Cora Cotrim | Founder/Creative Director of Queen of Cream
  • Matthew Crawford | Assistant General Manager/Sommelier at St. Cecilia
  • Kathryn Fitzgerald | Soda Director/Manager at The General Muir, Yalla, Fred's Meat & Bread
  • Audrey Gatliff | Founder/Baker at Tiny Buffalo Baking Co.
  • Julian Goglia | Partner/Beverage Director at The Pinewood
  • Sara Justice | Lead Bartender at Holeman & Finch Public House
  • Katherine Kennedy | Farmer/Urban Forager at Lionheart Gardens and Concrete Jungle
  • Xanna Kidd | Founder of XK Macarons
  • Brooke Lenderman | Executive Pastry Chef at Empire State South, ex-Lusca
  • Whitney Ott | Photographer at Whitney Ott Photography
  • Nick Pantano | Server at Muss & Turner's
  • Daniel Peach | Chef de Cuisine at Chai Pani
  • Ryan Pernice | Owner/Operator of Table & Main and Osteria Mattone
  • Ben Portman | Founder/Chef of PorKman's Table Supper Club
  • Jonathan Schechter | Sommelier/Beverage Manager at Bistro Niko
  • Garrett Seiger and Daniel Waltzer | President/Co-Founder and CEO/Co-Founder of Woblet
  • Victor "Beau" Shell | Founder/Owner/CEO of Lil' Ice Cream Dude
  • Jarrett Stieber | Chef/Operator of Eat Me Speak Me
  • Michele Tenggara | Server at Umi
  • Erin Wakefield | Bar Manager at The Smoke Ring
  • Layla Walk | Chef de Cuisine at King + Duke
  • Jeff Wall | Co-Executive Chef at Kimball House
  • Shawn Deangelo Walton | Advocate of Ashview Community Garden, Founder at Wecycle
  • Joey Ward | Chef de Cuisine at Gunshow
  • Whit Whitmire | Co-Founder/Cultivator-in-Chief of Locurean

You can read each nominee's story here.

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