Treat yourself to a mini sweet luxury at Ponce City Market

Credit: Henri Hollis

Credit: Henri Hollis

Dish of the Week: Tarts from Saint Germain French Bakery

Saint Germain French Bakery, in Ponce City Market, has an impressive range of personal-sized tarts.

Each elegant little tart costs only $6.25, and they’re available for delivery. For a taste of fall with a French accent, go for the apple and almond tart that hits so many of the same notes as a tarte Tatin. For a little more variety, there’s the mixed fruit tart, with its delicate bed of classic vanilla custard and a selection of fruits.

The uniform slices of apple and pear, and the tweezer-precise placement of berries, give you the sense that each of these little treats is made to an extremely high standard.

The only trouble is that the tarts are gone so fast, it’s hard to savor your moment of French escapism. At just over $6 apiece, though, you won’t feel guilty ordering more.

Saint Germain French Bakery. 675 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta. 470-823-4141,