Smoked Spanish spice stars in this Old Fourth Ward restaurant’s chicken dish

Crispy pimenton chicken from Buena Vida Tapas & Sol in Midtown is flavorful, not hot. Henri Hollis for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Credit: Henri Hollis

Credit: Henri Hollis

Dish of the Week: Crispy pimenton chicken from Buena Vida Tapas & Sol

The crispy pimenton chicken from Buena Vida Tapas & Sol is essentially everyone’s favorite food — fried chicken tenders — with a hearty dusting of pimenton, also known as smoked paprika.

It helps that the chicken itself is beautifully prepared, with a crunchy, crumbly fried exterior that can withstand a bit of time spent in a takeout container. The white-meat chicken is tender and juicy.

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The tapas restaurant’s liberal use of the Spanish spice gives Buena Vida’s fried chicken an added smoky dimension, with a mild bit of peppery verve without verging into spicy territory. This is flavorful chicken, not hot chicken.

A side of brown-sugar honey sauce for drizzling or dipping adds another element to the dish without overwhelming it with sweetness.

Buena Vida Tapas & Sol. 385 N. Angier Ave., Atlanta. 404-948-2312,

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