Hearty West African staple a good choice for fall in Norcross

Dish of the Week: Peanut butter soup at Ike’s Cafe & Grill

Ike’s Cafe & Grill has a bevy of soups and stews for when you need a steaming bowl of comfort. A craveable standout is the peanut butter soup.

This dish, often called groundnut stew or maafe, is a staple in West Africa, with many versions in different countries. Peanut butter (or groundnuts), tomato, onion and chiles generally make up the base components. However, the taste is anything but simple.

Ike’s soup is a velvety rich broth that is layered and nuanced. The Ghanaian-style soup is loaded with savory flavors coming from ginger, a hint of garlic, perhaps carrot and a vegetal heat from habanero, as well as the peanuts, tomato and onion. Each spoonful is vibrant and satisfying, with warmth and freshness. It’s luscious, and also nutrient-dense.

You can add a choice of meat to a bowl of the soup. Chicken, in the form of two tender drumsticks, pairs well with it. Scoop it up (every last bit) with fufu — smooth, starchy, stretchy heaps made with cassava root — or add rice.

Ike’s Cafe & Grill. 1250 Tech Drive, Norcross. 770-559-1579, ikescafe.com