Revel in salad nirvana in Inman Park

Dish of the Week: Marinated mushrooms with escarole at BoccaLupo

Inman Park’s BoccaLupo might be known for its handmade and extruded pastas, but the antipasti menu is equally exciting, with its use of seasonal ingredients. Chef Bruce Logue and his team have perfected the art of the salad in a simple-sounding dish that is a balance of flavor, color and texture in each bite.

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Various flavors stand out in a plate of marinated mushrooms with escarole that is both hearty and nutritious. It’s the season right now for escarole, a cousin of chicory, and its curly, green, slightly bitter leaves balance the richness of an emulsification of creamy, tangy goat cheese, as well as a dressing with marsala reduction.

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Feathery leaves of white-veined purple radicchio lend a delightfully sharp crunch and spicy bitterness, but the mushrooms, tender in a zippy, briny marinade, have the starring role. Each bite brims with an earthy meatiness that is hearty and satisfying, but not heavy. And, crisp slivers of sweet, nutty sunchoke add a crunchy, perfectly harmonious element.