Trump praises a host of Georgia politicians during Rome campaign rally

Credit: Ben Gray

Credit: Ben Gray

ROME — President Donald Trump went down the line of Georgia elected officials and candidates in the audience during Sunday night’s rally, providing commentary and praise for those on currently on the ballot. The shout outs went to a host of Republican incumbents in Congress, several aspiring lawmakers and a state legislator who has become one of his most visible Black surrogates.

“Every one of them has my full and complete endorsement,” the president said. “Go out and vote for them and let them all come into Congress, right?”

Here is a rundown of all the folks who were name-checked, including what Trump said to each of them.

U.S. Sen. David Perdue: “He is respected like you would not believe all over Washington. People go to him for advice, and he gets it done: Sen. David Perdue. Would you please make sure he gets in without a runoff? The guy who is running against him is nothing.” (That would be Democrat Jon Ossoff.)

U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler: “A woman that I got to know a little while ago, and she is strong and tough and wonderful. And she’s done a really great job. But, I want to thank you very much, Kelly Loeffler.”

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U.S. Rep. Doug Collins, candidate for Senate: “He was a warrior with the fake impeachment witch hunt deal. And you couldn’t have asked for better. He’s a, an incredibly talented guy and a good guy.”

U.S. Rep. Rick Allen, R-Evans: “Great job, Rick. Great job.”

U.S. Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Cassville: “Thank you, Barry. Great job you do.”

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue: “Former governor for eight years, and very, very popular guy and so good at the farming business I made him Secretary of Agriculture. We gave the farmers $28 billion. Thank you, very much, China.”

Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan: “Hi, Jeff. Good job, Jeff.”

Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black: “Great, Gary. Good job you do.”

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State Rep. Vernon Jones, D-Lithonia: “I love this guy. And I guess he’s not, at least yet, a Republican. Can you believe it? But he’s the hottest guy in politics. I see him on television; everyone loves him. The ratings go up. I shouldn’t say Democrat, so I refuse to say it. State Rep. Vernon Jones. Great job. I love this guy. He’s got guts. He saw me a couple of times, he said, ‘That’s what we need. I mean, we can’t have sleepy Joe.’ Thank you.”

David Shafer, chairman of the Georgia Republican Party: “How are we doing, David? Are we winning? Are we gonna win like big?”

Karen Handel, 6th Congressional District candidate: “A friend of mine; a great woman. And I hope she wins, because she deserves it. She works hard. Her opponent is absolutely terrible.” (That would be Democrat U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath.)

Rich McCormick, 7th Congressional District candidate: “Good luck, Rich. I heard it’s good.”

Angela Stanton-King, 5th Congressional District candidate: “Thank you. I heard you were all doing well.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene, 14th Congressional District candidate: “Somebody that gets a little more publicity than I do: Marjorie Taylor Green, right here from Northwest Georgia. Oh, boy. I don’t wanna mess with her. Nah, she’s great.”