Al Pacino, 82, expecting a baby with 29-year-old girlfriend

The child will be Pacino’s fourth

Fast Facts About Al Pacino.He has never been officially married and has only ever been at the altar in his films.He worked as a janitor and an assistant waiter to pay for his acting classes.At the age of 20, he was arrested and put in jail because police officers found a weapon in his car.At the beginning of his career, he performed as a stand-up comic.He's expecting baby No.4 with his 29yo girlfriend.

Like his on-screen buddy Robert De Niro, actor Al Pacino is welcoming a new baby late in life. The actor, 82, recently announced that his girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, is eight months pregnant.

Alfallah and Pacino first sparked dating rumors after pictures of the pair holding hands and grabbing dinner together appeared in Page Six last year. Their relationship became official during the pandemic, a source told the outlet, adding that the two “get along very well.”

“Pacino and Noor started seeing each other during the pandemic. She mostly dates very rich older men. She has been with Al for some time, and they get on very well,” Page Six reported at the time. “The age gap doesn’t seem to be a problem, even though he is older than her father.”

Pacino already has three children, Julie Marie, 33, with ex-girlfriend Jan Tarrant, and twins Anton and Olivia, 22, with longtime partner Beverly D’Angelo. Pacino told the New Yorker that it was important for him to be “part of their lives.”

“I’m responsible to them. I’m a part of their life. When I’m not, it’s upsetting to me and to them. So that’s part of the gestalt. And I get a lot from it. It takes you out of yourself,” he told the magazine.

According to the Daily Mail, Pacino’s girlfriend is linked to a wealthy family of Kuwaiti-American descent. She was previously linked to Mick Jagger, 78, Clint Eastwood, 93, and philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen, 60.

While Pacino will soon be a father of four, he’s never married.