Report: Rapper T.I. to be free man this week

Atlanta rapper T.I. is expected to be a free man once again, MTV reported.

The Grammy award winner and film star will be released from federal prison this week, a month ahead of schedule, the network reported on its website. T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., has been serving an 11-month sentence for a parole violation following a drug arrest in Los Angeles.

T.I. will reportedly be released Wednesday from the Forrest City Correctional Institute in Arkansas and will spend a month in a halfway house. Then, it should be back to the music, according to a recent blog post by the artist himself.

"I know this won't be my last battle with adversity, but it has truly prepared me for whatever else may come in the future," T.I. posted on his website,

Just days before being ordered to return to prison in October, T.I. was credited with helping talk a suicidal man out of jumping from a 22-story Midtown building. When he heard about the possible jumper on the radio, T.I. drove to the building and offered to talk to the man, Atlanta police said.

An officer at street level recorded a video message from T.I. and sent it to a negotiator on the roof, who showed it to the 24-year-old man. T.I. said the message simply stated "that I was here and I was looking forward to meeting him and that no matter what's going on in life now, it gets better."