5 jobs for introverts that pay well

Want to play to these strengths? Beyond specific job strengths, there are entire job descriptions where introverts thrive.

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With the runaway success of Susan Cain's "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking," far more introverts started believing they should be proud — though maybe not loud.

Creativity plus an ability to forge connections and overcome challenges are just a few enviable introvert traits, according to Psychology TodayOn the job, introverts also outperform extroverts when it comes to being team players, sharp observers and good writers.

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Want to play to these strengths? Beyond specific job strengths, there are entire job descriptions where introverts thrive. Here are five jobs where introvert employees are the most likely to hear, "Well done."

1. Database administrator

Potential job openings—93,000

The Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities blog grouped its job picks based on four types of introvert: social, thinking, anxious or inhibited. The blog said database administrator would be a top job for the "social introvert," someone who would "prefer to socialize with just a few people at a time." This type of introvert isn't shy but prefers to be alone and feels very little anxiety in social situations. "A lot of social introverts find that working from home aligns with their personalities. And many others try to steer clear of settings that are crowded, noisy, full of interruptions, or don't offer much privacy," TSCU added.

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2. Aerospace engineer

Potential job openings—46,000

Aerospace engineer was TSCU's top pick for the "thinking introvert," one who they say can "handle most social events just fine" but is still quite thoughtful and, well, introspective. "They are often able to think outside the box, recognize the big picture, and synthesize varying ideas into new innovations," TSCU said. "Plus, many of them are known for being good listeners and showing respect for other people's ideas. That's why fields like engineering, technology, and art and design are full of great jobs for introverts in the thinking category."

3. Graphic designer

Potential job openings—260,000

With its appealing combination of creativity and independence, graphic designer was one of Fairygodboss' top choices for introverts. "Leveraging your creative skills to create custom digital artwork calls for tons of alone time with your computer and favorite design program," Fairygodboss explained. "Sure, you might work with a small team and juggle a few clients at a time, but as a graphic designer, you'll have tons of opportunities throughout the day to escape back into your latest design project."

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4. Private chef

Potential job openings—203,000 (for all chefs and head cooks)

This was another creative/introspective job choice for the social introvert. Fairygodboss also recommended the broader job niche for introverts, including chef, pastry chef and line cook. "Sure, chefs spend a decent amount of time interacting with kitchen and wait staff, and occasionally make an appearance at the request of a delighted diner, but they also spend hours cooking up new menu options, prepping ingredients or perfecting flavorful dishes," Fairygodboss added. "This line of work can be intense, but should also allow enough time for an introvert to recharge on their own."

5. Physicist

Potential job openings—17,000

Someone best described as an "inhibited introvert" would excel as a physicist because they "are generally not afraid to ponder hard questions in order to find the truth and get to the heart of big challenges," according to TSCU. "That's why a lot of them find success and fulfillment in fields such as science, counseling, and other vocational areas that require keen analytical and big-picture thinking abilities."

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