Watch trailer for ‘Little’ starring Marsai Martin, Regina Hall, Issa Rae

The movie was filmed in Atlanta last year

Looking for a good laugh? Universal Studios has just released the trailer for its upcoming comedy “Little.”

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Starring Marsai Martin and Regina Hall, the flick follows Jordan Sanders, a bossy, overwhelmed workaholic who receives a chance to relive her childhood. While Hall plays the adult version of the character, Martin plays her as a kid.

The film, which was shot in Atlanta and directed by Tina Gordon, also stars Issa Rae, Justin Hartley and Tone Bell.

Martin, the star and executive producer of the movie, created the plot after firing an agent who suggested she "just chill and take a break," according to a 2018 Hollywood Reporter article.  In that article, the 14-year-old was named one of the "Top 30 stars Under 18."

Instead of “chilling,” the “blackish” star conceived the idea for the script and successfully pitched it to Universal. She is reportedly set to become one of the youngest executive producers in history.

“Little” hits theaters on Apr. 12.

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