Go Atlanta podcast: Fall dining guide 2022

In this episode of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s newest podcast, Go Atlanta, AJC Food, Dining, and Living editor Ligaya Figueras is joined by AJC reporters Yvonne Zusel and Henri Hollis to dig into this year’s Fall Dining Guide featuring Atlanta’s bustling food hall scene.

AJC Entertainment reporter Rodney Ho lets you know if “Black Adam” is worth seeing in the theaters this weekend.

Plus, AJC Arts and Entertainment editor Shane Harrison previews what’s new in this weekend’s Go Guide and he introduces you to your new best friend who’s sure to give you lots of slobbery kisses.

Credit: Courtesy of Lifeline

Credit: Courtesy of Lifeline

One-year-old Jack is ready for a lifetime of love and adventure. He’s a Jack of all trades when it comes to spending time together: he’s ready for a ride in the car, a hike up your favorite trail or a snuggle at home as the day winds down. This handsome pup is ready to make friends with you and other dogs. Jack has a sweet and polite nature, but he also has a playful and bouncy side. He’s sure to win you over in a heartbeat. Just expect a ton of slobbery kisses when you say you’re ready to take Jack home. Meet Jack today at the LifeLine Community Animal Center at 3180, Presidential Drive in Atlanta.

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