Recipe: Make Tiny Lou’s Pork Schnitzel

Tiny Lou's Pork Schnitzel
(Courtesy of Oliver Hospitality)

Credit: Oliver Hospitality

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Tiny Lou's Pork Schnitzel (Courtesy of Oliver Hospitality)

Credit: Oliver Hospitality

Credit: Oliver Hospitality

We live in Poncey-Highland and brunch at Tiny Lou’s has become our absolute favorite way to spend a weekend morning. We bike to the restaurant and enjoy seeing what’s happening on ever-changing Ponce de Leon, then enjoy brunch as the reward for our effort. My wife went crazy over the pork schnitzel. Will they share the recipe? David McDonald, Atlanta

When he shared this recipe, Tiny Lou’s executive chef Jon Novak wrote, “Inside Tiny Lou’s kitchen, much of the inspiration we draw from is that of our childhood. Schnitzel is one of my childhood favorites. Growing up on an American Army base in the Bavarian region of Germany in the 1990s, schnitzel was on the kid’s menu at every restaurant. Traditionally eaten for dinner, the simple pork cutlet is breaded, fried to crispy golden brown perfection, and often placed in a roll and slathered with pungent mustard. So indulgent.”

For brunch at Tiny Lou’s, the schnitzel is served with two eggs. Novak recommends cooking the eggs sunny side up.

If you prefer, make the schnitzel with bone-in pork chops as in the photo, flattening the meat around the bone. Aleppo pepper can be found online or at spice shops like Penzey’s in Sandy Springs.

Tiny Lou’s Pork Schnitzel

Sauce Gribiche

Any extra sauce from this version of the classic French Sauce Gribiche would make a delicious dressing for potato salad or a substitute for mayonnaise in a sandwich of cold cuts.

From the menu of ... Tiny Lou’s, Hotel Clermont, 789 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta; 470-485-0085,

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