Patty perfection can be found at this metro Atlanta gas station

Dish of the Week: Classic double at NFA Burger

Credit: Angela Hansberger

Credit: Angela Hansberger

There is an art to crafting a good burger, but when it comes to taste, it’s all down to science. Yes, it’s a chemical reaction that produces the metro area’s best burger, served at a gas station.

NFA Burger’s classic double includes two patties of certified Angus beef seasoned with a sweet, spicy rub. A soft potato roll supports the meat, topped with mustard, briny pickle slices, a Thousand Island-like sauce and a blanket of melted American cheese. It’s perfect.

The burger’s greatness comes from the Maillard reaction, the process wherein heat causes amino acids and sugars in proteins to interact, in what we call “browning,” creating those deep, savory flavors and aromas.

At NFA Burger, loosely packed patties with a high fat content get a proper searing and are flipped and pressed. What you get in that buttery bun is a juicy burger with a gloriously craggy crust that is almost lacy. Every surface has the mouthwatering browning effect, with crunchy caramelized flavor.

NFA Burger. 5465 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Dunwoody. 404-666-2874,