Warm up with this broth-filled comfort food on Buford Highway

Dish of the Week: Shanghai soup dumplings at Northern China Eatery

Dumplings are the kind of craveable comfort food that you can count on in any weather. And, even more soothing is a dumpling that is filled with a rich, ginger-laced broth.

At Northern China Eatery in Doraville, the fluffy soup dumplings are something you can bank on, as they are served all day.

Shanghai xiao long bao are a type of dumpling that is traditional to northern China. “Xiao long” translates to “small steaming basket,” and these dumplings do come to your table steaming in a bamboo basket, with the delicate wheat-based wrappers folded in even pleats and pinched at the top. It’s difficult not to dive in immediately, but the molten, gelatinous pork broth inside needs a minute to cool.

You also can get the dumplings with a bit of golden crab roe on top, which adds a briny element.

The soup inside the dumplings provides a kick of umami, offering a hint of what you might call Chinese medicine for the soul.