This Atlanta cheesy treat is stuffed with tasty fillings

Dish of the Week: Asada mulita at El Tesoro

Is a taco a sandwich? The U.S. Department of Agriculture says no, but a mulita is a cross between a taco and a quesadilla in sandwich form. One of the best mulitas in Atlanta comes from El Tesoro in the Edgewood area.

“Mulita” means “little mule,” and that’s an apt name, as it is loaded with all the precious, tasty fillings you desire, packed inside a sort of double-decker quesadilla.

For the asada mulita, the folks at El Tesoro take two 6-inch corn tortillas and fill them with tender hunks of marinated carne asada, creamy Chihuahua cheese and roasted strips of poblano pepper and onions. Assembled like a sandwich, it’s griddled with more cheese on the outside, forming a crispy, golden crust. You can hold it in your hand, but I like to use a fork and knife, because of the gooey cheese, dipping bites of it into cooling, house-made crema.

Sitting on the sprawling patio, waiting for your name to be called when your mulita is ready, you soon understand what a treasure El Tesoro truly is.

El Tesoro. 1374 Arkwright Place SE, Atlanta. 470-440-5502,