A Japanese twist to a Mexican favorite is cooked in a pizza oven at this Atlanta restaurant

Credit: Angela Hansberger

Credit: Angela Hansberger

Dish of the Week: Fire-roasted, creamy avocado at Salaryman

Salaryman is like a combination of a Japanese izakaya (an informal bar with food) and a Korean pojangmacha (street stall). They do heaping bowls of ramen and bibimbap, and have all the snacky type things that pair well with an after-work beer or cocktail, such as pan-fried gyoza and sticky Korean fried chicken wings.

Under Hot Starters on the menu, you’ll find fire-roasted, creamy avocado (available only at the Toco Hill location of Salaryman). Taking advantage of the wood-fired brick pizza oven that came with the restaurant space, Salaryman creates a simple, yet tasty, fusion dish. A split avocado, heated until it is blistered, becomes emerald green, with the exterior softened, but still useful as a vessel.

Inside, the avocado flesh is soft and creamy, its subtle flavor elevated and slightly smoky. Citrusy yuzu fills the seed hole, with furikake seasoning. You can scoop the avocado easily with thin, seedy crackers. It’s like Japanese guacamole, and you can make it spicier with fresh wasabi.

Salaryman. 2941 N. Druid Hills Road, Atlanta. 404-343-0924, koreanwives.com

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