Favorite play: Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech

Coach Paul Johnson describes one of his favorite plays:

Johnson said he doesn’t have a favorite play, but he recalled the 2011 season when the Yellow Jackets scored touchdowns on their first play from scrimmage in the first three games of the season, including a 95-yard run by A-back Orwin Smith against Kansas:

“It was just a counter play. It was something we saw from the year before that they were overflowing on the tail motion and trying to rotate. It was a play we had in and ran, and they couldn’t catch him. We got pretty good blocks, and he got in the open field, and I think the receiver did a nice job (blocking), and we scored. Most of the times when those things work pretty good, it’s because somebody out on the field did some things pretty good — you got a good block or a good run or something like that.”