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Division series is best of 5 games Game 1 -- Thursday, Oct. 4 Game 2 -- Friday, Oct. 5 Game 3 -- Sunday, Oct. 7 Game 4 -- Monday, Oct. 8 (if necessary)...
The Braves appear to be closing in on their first playoff appearance since 2013. Here's a quick look back at the local sports landscape in October of 2013...
Comparing the Braves and the Phillies Wins -- Braves 84, Phillies 78 Winning percentage -- Braves .553, Phillies .517 Batting average -- Braves .259, Phillies...
Here's a look at the remaining 16 games on the schedule for the Braves. (Video by Leo Willingham)
Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna challenging for Rookie of the Year Award