bet365 bonus code AJCXLM: The perfect NFL playoffs betting promo

bet365 Bonus Code, AJCXLM, Perfect NFL Playoffs Promo

Credit: Robby Sabo

Credit: Robby Sabo

bet365 Bonus Code, AJCXLM, Perfect NFL Playoffs Promo

Perfection is a loaded idea. Some consider it the ultimate goal in life, swimmingly striving for the idea without a sweat, whereas others allow it to consume them in our outrageously imperfect world.

Today, the word “perfect” is written and read with the understanding that it hardly gets better than this: our bet365 bonus code AJCXLM, which is the perfect NFL playoffs betting promo.

To capitalize on the perfect NFL playoffs sportsbook promo, use our bet365 bonus code AJCXLM offer here, create a brand-new bet365 account, and make a first-time bet of at least $5 within seven days of promo activation. Once your first-time bet registers, bet365 floods your account with an instant $150 in playable bonus bets.

Now, how could it possibly get any more perfect than that? Well, the late Don Shula would most likely submit a retort.

The two-time Super Bowl champion head coach led the 1972 Miami Dolphins to actual perfection. With a perfect 14-0 regular season record, Shula’s Fins backed it up with three for three in the playoffs, thus cementing themselves as the first (and only) Super Bowl champion without a blemish on its record.

Of course, the 2007 New England Patriots came close. If not for Eli Manning’s slippery jersey, David Tyree’s magical helmet, and a New York Giants team of destiny, Bill Belichick’s 18-1 squad would have finished 19-0.

In the online sports betting sense, consider the top bet365 bonus code a reflection of the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Furthermore, think of the near-perfect NFL teams as the online sportsbook competition.

It’s not as if the competition is not worthy of this “perfection” talk; it boils down to the idea that only one can be picked on this specific day.

Tomorrow may bring a different feel, depending upon the competition’s responses, but as of this moment, bet365 bonus code AJCXLM is the perfect NFL playoffs promo code. Moreover, it very well may be the best promo code for NFL Super Wild Card Weekend.

bet365 bonus code AJCXLM

Long story short, not only does the most popular bet365 bonus code provide NFL bettors with the goods, but the burgeoning sportsbook also offers choices. (And “choice” isn’t always the sportsbook promo code theme of the day.)

New users of bet365 sportsbook are treated with a choice between two quality promo codes:

  1. bet365′s Bet $5, Get $150 Instant Bonus
  2. bet365′s $2,000 First Bet Safety Net

For the NFL playoffs, bet365 upped its $1,000 First Bet Safety Net to an incredible $2,000, just in time for Super Wild Card Weekend.

The novice sports bettor might look at the two options and automatically choose the much higher monetary value offer. It makes all the sense in the world. After all, more bonus money means it’s a better promotion, right?

Not exactly. More times than not, the much higher monetary value falls under the lower value promo. Whether that holds true for the bet365 promo code depends upon the actual bettor.

Which bet365 bonus code is right for you?

Do not automatically assume that the $2,000 First Bet Safety Net trumps the Bet $5, Get $150 Instant Bonus. After all, it’s just not your style to assume so carelessly.

Sure, the $2,000 First Bet Safety Net allows for the highest promo payout, but it takes much more to make that maximum bonus come to fruition.

To snag the full $2,000, the legal NFL sports gambler must create a new bet365 account, deposit $2,000 into the new account, and then place a first-time bet of $2,000.

If the first-time bet loses, then bet365′s “safety net” is triggered. Dollar for dollar, bet365 provides the new bettor with bonus bets equaling the amount that was lost (up to $2,000).

However, no bonus is gained if the first-time bet wins. It’s why, generally speaking, the bet-and-get bonus model is the preferred promotion in online sportsbook land.

This is especially the case for bet365 promo code AJCXLM, which is fully guaranteed.

In stark contrast, it’s far less arduous to snag the $150 bonus (as opposed to the $2,000). Only a new account, a $10 deposit, and a minimum $5 first-time bet are required to gain an instant $150 bonus. Just make sure the first-time bet settles within seven days of promo activation, meaning any Super Wild Card Weekend game qualifies.

Better yet, it does not matter if the first-time bet wins or loses; an amazing $150 bonus heads in the new bet365 user’s direction, win or lose.

In which states is bet365 bonus code AJCXLM available?

Perhaps the lone demerit on bet365′s promo offering ledger is its limited availability. Unlike some of the competitors, such as DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, and even the new book on the sports betting block, ESPN Bet, the bet365 sportsbook promo is available in just a two-fisted number of states.

The seven states in which NFL bettors can claim a Bet $5, Get $150 Instant Bonus or a $2,000 First Bet Safety Net are as follows:

  • Colorado
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Virginia

The good news is quite simple: bet365 is probably the fastest-growing online sportsbook on the market today.

Once known as a primarily international sports betting app (outside of this nation), bet365 has spread like wildfire in these here United States. Just a couple of years ago, the bet365 sportsbook bonus was live in just a couple of states (Colorado and New Jersey).

The likes of Iowa, Louisiana, and Kentucky have recently joined the party, which means more NFL online bettors are getting in the bet365 bonus code fun in January and February 2024.

NFL playoffs odds and lines at bet365

Beyond the excellent sports betting app features and new-user promo codes, bet365 sportsbook does an excellent job in the odds department. More specifically, bet365 is one of the best in the industry with its NFL odds.

Naturally, this weekend’s slate of wild card games falls under that category. The following is the full Super Wild Card Weekend list of NFL lines at bet365 (the home team is listed first), as of Jan. 11, 2023:

  • Houston Texans (+110) +2 vs. Cleveland Browns (-130) (O/U 44.5)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (-230) -4.5 vs. Miami Dolphins (+190) (O/U 44.0)
  • Buffalo Bills (-525) -10 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (+390) (O/U 35.5)
  • Dallas Cowboys (-340) -7 vs. Green Bay Packers (+270) (O/U 50.5)
  • Detroit Lions (-165) -3 vs. Los Angeles Rams (+140) (O/U 51.5)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+135) +3 vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-160) (O/U 44.0)

What stands out initially are the two home underdogs. Although, as a whole, featuring home underdogs is a rarity in the NFL playoffs, there will usually be at least one or two in the wild-card round.

We can thank the eight-division structure for that. More often than not, one of the three wild-card teams will roll into the playoffs in a much mightier position than one or even two of the division winners. That reality sparks arguments that the team with the better record should have home-field advantage, as opposed to the division winner, but that’s another story for a different day.

This time around, the once mighty Philadelphia Eagles try to rediscover themselves against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night. Despite Nick Sirianni’s squad’s recent struggles, they enter the game as a three-point favorite with a -160 moneyline.

The other road favorite comes on the other side of the tournament. In the AFC, the wild card Cleveland Browns are -2 on the road against the upstart Houston Texans.

For the only franchise that can actually claim perfection in its history, the Miami Dolphins, things don’t look too sunny. Shockingly, Mike McDaniel’s Fins faltered down the stretch, ultimately allowing the Buffalo Bills to leapfrog them for the AFC East divisional crown.

It results in the Dolphins having to travel to Kansas City this weekend. Worse yet, the weather inside Arrowhead Stadium is expected to be beyond bitterly cold.

One wonders what the great Don Shula would think about his beloved team’s chances this year. At the very least, Shula and the boys surely popped a few champagne bottles once the Eagles were thrown from the ranks of the undefeated this season.

Yet again, no NFL team could claim perfection.

Once again, however, online sports bettors, particularly NFL bettors, can pounce on bet365 bonus code AJCXLM, the perfect NFL playoffs betting promo.

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