Here are three opinion articles published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that reflect on why we observe Memorial Day in 2021.

Major Gen. Tom Carden, Georgia’s adjutant general, writes: “As we go about our daily activities, it is not uncommon for us to hear things about what is wrong in America. On Memorial Day, we honor those who gave their lives to preserve our right to make those observations. You may not know the names, the situations, or the numbers. However, you should know that the chances of America being what it is today without them is next to zero.” Read more

John King, Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, writes: “Every Memorial Day, I take the 14-mile drive from my home to Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta to honor the bravest soldiers I have ever known. It’s a tradition that began after I returned home from Iraq decades ago.” Read more

Ed Hooper, a documentary producer and writer based in Knoxville writes: “Memorial Day is the only true American people’s holiday. Though Major Gen. John A. Logan is credited with General Order 11 establishing May 30th as the fixed date of Decoration Day at National Cemeteries, it rested solely on the American people to keep it and they did for a century without official decree or legislation. Memorial Day is not a day for veterans. Ask one and they’ll tell you. It’s a day to honor men like Hospital Corpsman John Willis, who landed with the 27th Marine Regiment at the Battle of Iwo Jima. Read more

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