The right should pay close attention to midterm primaries as election season begins

Credit: Eric Gay

Credit: Eric Gay

Texas is holding its 2018 primary elections on March 6, kicking off 2018 midterm primaries in the country, and the 7th district race has drawn national attention. Could the election be the start of the “blue wave” in 2018 or will everything go as planned?

A roundup of editorials on the topic.

1. Democrats are taking a dangerous gamble in Texas.

From CNN: "Tradition dictates, though, that party organizations generally stay out of picking candidates in primaries, but Moser's profile has the DCCC worried that it will blow a chance to win a congressional seat from Republican John Culberson."

2. How things could go wrong for Republicans in Mississippi's new Senate race

From FiveThirtyEight: But that doesn't mean they will.

3. Do the Democrats need to nominate a centrist to win the Texas 7th?

From The New Yorker: "The Democratic attempt to take it will likely be akin to the battle for the Georgia Sixth, where Jon Ossoff lost a special election last year."

From the left: The left finds Trump's Xi Jinping comments concerning